People Are Turning Old Wine Bottles Into Chic, Upcycled Lamps

So, we're all on board the "reduce" and "recycle" part of everyone's favorite phrase, but what about good 'ol "reuse"?

Wine drinkers, your time has come. You can now turn your wine bottles into home decor — or buy some from someone who put their empty bottles to good use! Drink up, fam.

Turns out, wine bottles are pretty versatile.

Etsy | Dreamlightforyou

Look at that array of colors!

These bottles are brought to you by Dreamlightforyou on Etsy. You can choose from the pictured five colors, and it'll run you about $65.

Some people have made entire chandeliers out of them.

Etsy | IndustrialLightworks

How industrial chic does that look? It has a little hint of rustic, too.

This piece was done by IndustrialLightworks on Etsy. It comes with the exposed Edison bulbs, too! It clocks in at $442.

Shape variation is so stylish, too.


I like that this chandelier comes with three different bottle shapes. It really evokes that homemade feeling, you know?

This set of three comes courtesy of VINEREDESIGN on Etsy. They cost $125.

Some artists have taken to etching designs into their bottles.

Etsy | WillettWares

I am so about this! WillettWares on Etsy really brought the homemade with this one:

"This rose etched wine bottle pendant lamp is upcycled from a wine bottle out of my friend’s recycled bin!"

It's available for $25.

You don't have to put a light in EVERY bottle.

Etsy | Recycledillumination

I love the way this gathering of bottles looks! Rather than string a ton of pendants together, Recycledillumination on Etsy decided to string a few up around an exposed bulb.

This one goes for $138.00.

Who says you have to take the labels off?

Etsy | ABQTool

Labels are carefully designed to catch your eye, so why remove them? ABQTool on Etsy created a special chandlier frame with slots for the bottles to fit right into!

This one goes for $90, and it's BYOB — bring your own bottles.

Now this is industrial chic.

Etsy | ZALcreations

ZALcreations on Etsy created this masterpiece out of clear glass bottles and galvanized plumbing fittings.

This chandelier is featured in stores around the world, like Germany and Scotland — just check out their Etsy page for more!

A frosted bottle would be great for light dispersal.

Etsy | ReciclarFactory

Why let wine bottles have all the fun? This pendant light is made out of a carefully cut champagne bottle. It was sandblasted to give it that frosted finish!

Get it from ReciclarFactory on Etsy.

This chandelier is just begging to be hung over a bar.

Etsy | IndustrialLightworks

How cool would this look in a restaurant, or even over a home bar?

The entire piece is handmade from recycled bottles and hardwood. It's the creation of IndustrialLightworks on Etsy, and costs $630.

Ditch the bottleneck.

Etsy | VexDecor

If you like the look of these lamps, but want them to look a little less like they used to be wine bottles, why not choose one of these pendant lights from VexDecor on Etsy?

This one has a little cage.

Etsy | glow828

This light has a more industrial meets mid-century look to it! glow828 on Etsy has a ton of customizable options for this light, including different colors, mountings, and connections!

You can grab it for $75.

This is true architectural ingenuity.

Etsy | ZALCreations

Can you believe how stunning this looks? ZALcreations brought this piece to life, and I honestly want it. It's made with clear wine bottles and galvanized pipe fittings.

This one will cost you $475.00.

Or you can make your own!

Etsy | RaRUpcycling

Sans glass cutting, which is pretty dangerous to do on your own. RaRUpcycling sells pre-cut wine bottles in blue, brown, green, and clear. Each one costs $14.97! Pair that with a pendant light kit on Amazon, and you have some unique lighting for under $30!

And if wine bottles aren't your style...

Etsy | PrimaElectro

Why not go for these stunning red wine glasses? These are incredibly custom — each one has a small cut into the side so that a bulb can be put inside!

Each one goes for $40, courtesy of PrimaElectro on Etsy.