LEGO Is Seriously Leveling Up With Their New Interactive 'Super Mario' Set

This year is a big year for Nintendo. It was recently announced they would be teaming up with Universal Studios in Japan and the U.S. to open its own Super Nintendo World theme parks.

Mario's now hopping right down a warp pipe into the world of LEGO to release a set guaranteed to level up your brick-building skills.

Nintendo and LEGO have teamed up to create a super cute and innovative Super Mario set.


The set isn't simply a block-building product, however—it's actually an interactive game that combines the elements of both the iconic game and iconic blocks to change the way kids engage with play.

When Mario is powered on and connected by Bluetooth to the game pieces, he begins moving through different levels, even collecting coins in real-time!

YouTube | Nintendo

His LED facial expressions and shirt display also change, depending what he lands on.

You have to watch the YouTube demo to see it.

Of course, you'll have to set up the game before you can play it, which requires building all the pieces that include characters like Bowser, Koopas, Goombas, and Piranha Plants.


You can't play Super Mario without the green warp pipes, and LEGO was sure to not miss that detail!

Sure, this set is technically made for kids, but why let that stop your nostalgic heart from enjoying the fun, too?

Be on the lookout for the set sometime later this year!

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