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10+ Facts About Jeffrey Dean Morgan 'Walking Dead' Fans May Not Know

Ahhh, good old Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He has kept us entertained as Negan in The Walking Dead for years now.

We'd like to think we know everything there is to know about the man, but there may be a couple of things that have slipped past you.

He's married to one woman

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Unlike his character on The Walking Dead, he only has one wife.

Her name is Hilarie Burton, and the two of them met when a mutual friend set them up on a blind date.

He loves sweets

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When Morgan found out that his favorite candy store, Samuel’s Sweet Shop, was going under he decided he was going to buy it.

Apparently, he really likes candy from SSS.

He didn't buy it alone...

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He wasn't the only celebrity to buy Samuel's Sweet Shop.

He actually teamed up with his buddy, Paul Rudd, to buy the candy shop. Apparently Paul Rudd is a huge sweet fan as well!

He's played baseball


"I don’t need to practice my swing. I grew up with a bat in my hands."

That's a quote from JDM himself, who was talking about his childhood playing baseball.

He's played baseball icons


When Lifetime was going to make a movie about Marilyn Monroe (The Secret Life of Marylin Monroe), they knew that one man and one man only could play baseball legend Joe DiMaggio:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

But he almost played basketball

While he was active in many sports, his true love was basketball.

He almost went to play professionally too (at least he wanted to) before he suffered an injury and was sidelined.

Not his first comic book role

Warner Bros.

Believe it or not, Negan wasn't even the first time he had played someone from a comic. Remember Watchmen? He was The Comedian!

I know, I was surprised as well.

He was meant to play Negan


He was a fan of The Walking Dead for a while, and people would always tell him that he should play Negan.

That sentiment apparently went all the way to the casting director of the show.

He's a big motorcycle guy

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Apparently, he was unable to buy a car for almost ten years, so he decided to go with a motorcycle instead for that time.

Even now that he's famous, he still rides.

He's been dead before


Have you ever seen the show Weeds?

In the show, a widowed mother has to take up selling weed after her husband dies, and JDM played that man.

He actually dated Mary-Louise Parker


Not only did he play her dead husband on the show Weeds, but the two of them got together after she and Billy Crudup broke up!

They even got engaged!

He's also been undead before


Do ghosts count as the undead?

He was Denny in Grey's Anatomy, the patient that Izzie fell in love with and wanted to marry.

He ended up dying and becoming a ghost.

He'll go to extreme measures for his career


Like a lot of other actors, he's not above losing a whole bunch of weight for a role.

For the mini-series Texas Rising, he lost 40 pounds! To lose weight, he only ate one can of tuna a day.

He lives on a farm

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Oh yes, the two of them live on a farm.

It's called The Mischief farm, it's in the town of Rhinebeck in Dutchess County, New York. And it actually has cows, chickens, and alpacas.