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Fans Slam Kim Kardashian For Sharing 'Sylvia Brown's' Psychic Prediction Of Coronavirus Outbreak

Kim Kardashian has friends in high places.

On Wednesday, she shared a passage from the late psychic Silvia Brown, which featured her prediction about the coronavirus outbreak.

What else does Kim know that we don't????

Kim Kardashian is always making headlines for one reason or another.

Sometimes it's for a surprisingly good and heartwarming reason, but most of the time, it's for something controversial.

For example, she constantly gets slammed by fans for culturally appropriating black culture.

Normally because of the way she braids her hair.

But this time, fans are slamming her for something different, which is a fun change for those who are interested.

And it has to do with psychics.

Kim Kardashian has always been a staunch believer in psychics.

She's even featured a few on her family's popular reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and its spinoffs.

For instance, during an episode of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York," the reality star consulted medium John Edwards.

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Edwards claimed to be communicating with the sisters' late father, Robert Kardashian, which prompted Edwards to ask if Kim had learned anything from her previous divorce.

After the medium left, Kim broke down in tears as she confided to her sister about her former marriage to Kris Humphries.

"I honestly feel like I can’t do this anymore with Kris. I feel like I got into this way too fast. You know I’m not happy," she said, later adding that she doesn't want to be married anymore.

Kim filed for divorce after only 72 days together.

That's not the only time she's connected with her father via a psychic.

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She's once had a medium tell her that her son, Psalm, is the reincarnation of her late father, Robert Kardashian Sr.

"My son, Psalm, 8 months, is probably the happiest baby alive. He’s always smiling, always happy," Kim told E! News.

"On our show, we showed that we were in Bali, and a woman — a blind medium — came up to me and said that I was gonna have another son and that it was gonna be my father reincarnated."

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"Multiple people that had no idea that was my nanny or anything have come up to my baby to say that he’s a family member reincarnated," she said.

She continued:

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"So my whole family, all the time, thinks it’s my dad and is just so emotional and close to him. He’s left-handed, like my dad. So, all these things happen. I don’t even know if I believe in reincarnation, but I do now. But I want to believe it!"

Kim also has North, Chicago, and Saint with husband, Kayne West.

And now, with the coronavirus pandemic getting worse, Kim has turned to the psychics once again.

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On Wednesday, she shared a passage from the 2008 book End Of Days, written by the late Sylvia Brown, who claimed to be psychic.

"Kourtney just sent this on our group chat," she wrote on Twitter.

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The circled passage writes that a 'severe pneumonia-like illness' would spread across the globe in 2020.

Soon after sharing the passage, fans pointed out that the prediction did not actually come from Sylvia Brown.

It's an excerpt from Dean Koontz's 1981 horror novel, The Eyes of Darkness.

In it, it mentions a bio-weapon called "Wuhan-400," which is actually quite freaky since the coronavirus originated from an outbreak in Wuhan, China.

This caused fans to go after the star, as one wrote, "Believe too many things you see on the internet."

They also went after Sylvia Brown who was quite controversial in her day, as she experienced several false or discredited predictions.

One fan rightfully pointed out that Kim should be careful about what she posts because of the millions of people who follow her.

So spreading anything that is true or false can have major consequences.

Others are taking a more practical view, and pointing out that this could have been predicted by professionals.

Which, actually, is a pretty valid point.

Misinformation aside, Kim has been doing everything she can to protect the health of her family.

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On Wednesday, she had a doctor at her house.

He demonstrated a safer way of greeting people to avoid spreading the illness.

It's called the feet bump.

"You should not do elbows, because you cough into your elbow, so no more elbows, or just do a little bow," Kim said in the clip.

In another clip, she showed fans how she's been disinfecting everything that comes into her home.

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“So, doc, Khloé handed this to me, but I don’t want to touch it because she handed it to me. Do you have any sanitizer?” Kardashian said to the doc, referencing the kiddie makeup kit that Khloé brought over for one of her children.

“I cannot give that to my daughter.” The reason why? She saw her younger sister cough.

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"I saw her cough and I'm not down for that," Kim said.

She's one protective mama!

With a toilet paper and disinfectant crisis going on right now, we can't all be like Kim and disinfect to our heart's content.

But take as many measures as you can and stay safe out there, folks!