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Go Big Or Go Gnome This Spring With Colorful Easter Gnomes

Garden gnomes get a bad rap for being tacky and a little creepy. In recent years, crafters have thankfully found ways to make them super cute and something we want to pepper around our homes all year round!

Easter gnomes are the latest gnome craze going around.

Etsy | ColorfulDropsHouse

Spring is all about colorful pastels and soft prints. This is a great way to get reacquainted with color again after the more minimal and dark colors that mark the winter season.

Find these gnomes here.

Etsy sellers are finding creative ways to not only give gnomes a spring upgrade, but also make them on-theme with classic Easter decor.

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This little bunny gnome fluffball is probably my fave out of the bunch!

I love that these gnomes incorporate classic spring fashion, like gingham bucket hats made for springtime gardening.

Etsy | CrystalCreations74

Of course, you can't forget the bunny ears to really give it that Easter vibe!

Find these super hoppy gnomes here.

Seasonal gnomes are the new seasonal Christmas tree, and we're not mad about it.

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Find these cuties here.

These are also totally DIY-able if you totally think you have what it takes to make one yourself. We found this for you to try!

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