This Ikea Lamp Turned Death Star Will Win All The Battles For Best Parent's an IKEA lamp...

Alright! Now that the compulsory super bad Star Wars joke is out of the way, let's get down to business. Three words: Death. Star. Lamp.

How was it made? How can you make it? Let's find out.

The idea was dreamt up by Maria at the blog lylelo.


According to her blog, she and her boyfriend were moving in together, and they happened to have a pretty Star Wars themed room.

So, she decided to try out a DIY she'd seen around the internet: a Death Star lamp.

Here's how she did it.


She picked up an IKEA PS 2014 ceiling light in white and copper. She covered all of the copper parts of the inside, then spray painted the whole thing grey.

Now came the difficult part.


She used masking tape, an X-acto knife, and a cutting mat to slice different-sized stripes fo the Death Star.

She then traced the pattern of the iconic circular weapon with a pencil.

When they were satisfied, they painted over it all with dark grey paint!



Isn't she a beauty? And the best part is that you can totally do this yourself by following her Instructable. Trust me, if you hang this in your kid's room (or your own, for that matter), you'll go down in history!

The DIY will easily come in under $80. May the force (and paint) be with you.