8+ Gorgeous Flowers To Add A Dazzling Pop Of Color To Your Garden

Do you realize that spring is here? Woo hoo! Can you tell how excited I am? I gotta admit, I've had enough of winter and I'm ready for warmer weather. I can't wait to see all the pretty flowers bloom.

Speaking of flowers there are so many beautiful flowers you can add to your garden that will paint it with a rainbow of colors.

1. "China Pink" Tulip


This lily-flowered tulip has beautiful soft pink and slightly reflexed petals. It blooms in late spring adding a graceful elegance to your garden.

2. Calla Zantedeschia "Sunshine" Lily


You can truly create a sensation in your garden when you decide to plant this stunning yellow-hued lily. It's also excellent as cut flowers.

3. "Thomas Edison" Dahlia


This is definitely an eye-catching flower that blooms with huge, deep purple blossoms. It's also beautiful to display in tall ornamental grasses as well.

4. "Banana Cream" Shasta Daisy


This plant has impressive flowers that measure up to four feet. Its blooms start out as rich lemon yellow, but turn butter yellow and then cream.

5. French Marigold


I have seen this flower while growing up in Europe. It's always such a pleasant sight to see. It will brighten your garden with cheerful blooms.

6. Red Coleus


Easily add some vibrant foliage to your garden when you plant this gorgeous variety. This plant is so showy you can see the colors in the shade.

7. Geranium "Brookside"


This pretty flower produces lavender-blue blooms which will have a long-lasting color in your garden. If you cut it back it will produce a second round of flowers.

8. Lemon Drop Evening Primrose


This showy flower has lemon-scented yellow blooms, hence its name. It will not only add much-needed color to your garden but will smell great.

9. "Ruby Spider" Daylily


This gorgeous flower has gigantic 9”, dark ruby red flowers and is officially classified as “unusual form-spatulate” since the petals are long and spoon-shaped.

10. "Miss Saori" Hydrangea


This shrub is famous for its creamy double flowers that have picotee rose margins. It will truly be a stunning addition to your garden.

11. "Roxy" Dahlia


This impressive plant bears incredible deep magenta-pink flowers over red-green foliage. It blooms from late spring to early autumn. Its size makes it perfect for smaller gardens.

12. Clematis "Jackmanii"


This hugely popular plant is easy to maintain. It grows on a vine that gets covered with velvety dark purple flowers that are gorgeous to look at.

13. Lantana


This sun-loving shrub is special because it blooms with two-toned colorful flowers. It will also attract plenty of butterflies. When bruised, the leaves have a pungent aromatic scent.

14. "John Peat" Daylily

The National Daylily Society Of Canada

This unique daylily has deep purple petals, trimmed with a striking orange frill.

Oh my goodness, I had no idea there were so many amazingly colorful flowers you can add to your garden.

I can't wait to start planting this season.