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Here's A Picture Of Chris Hemsworth Holding A Koala (Holding A Koala)

Has it just felt like a really long week to anyone else? Or a really long month? Or maybe even a really long year? Sometimes you just need something cute and happy to get you through it and put some kick in your step, and this picture of Chris Hemsworth holding a koala who's also holding a koala will do the work for you.

Here it is! You're welcome!

Instagram | @chrishemsworth

Don't you just feel better already?

It's not just a cutie holding a cutie holding a cutie, though — this picture exists for a good reason and a good cause.

Chris had just visited Friends Of The Koala, a non-profit group dedicated to koala conservation.

Instagram | @chrishemsworth

"Fantastic visiting @friends_of_the_koala and seeing first hand the incredible work and commitment to conserving koalas and preserving and enhancing their habitat," Chris wrote alongside the picture.

"Non profit community group run by volunteers," Chris continued.

He then described their work as "Rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing," which is something we can all get behind as koala lovers.

Obviously, fans had a lot to say about this picture in the comments.

"My heart cannot handle this," said one commenter, and, like, same.

Instagram | @chrishemsworth

Another added "Koalas and Chris Hemsworth, what’s not to love about Australia?" which is a very good question that could be answered by "giant spiders" but I won't bring down this sweet moment.

I hope this made your day a little brighter!