10+ Tips To Conquer Spring Cleaning

Okay, guys. The snow is starting to melt. The sun is hanging out for a bit longer. Winter is starting to become a thing of the past.

Know what that means? You have to get off of the couch and start cleaning up the remnants of a long winter's slump. Dig those chip bags from out of the couch cracks and get your gloves on — it's time to get down to business.

And hey, we're here to save the planet — so we're going to recommend as many green solutions as possible!

Clean grease with vinegar.

Unsplash | Bárbara Montavon

There's few things that vinegar can't do, which is why I have a tub of it in my pantry. It cuts grease like a charm! Mix some with water to get your microwave steamy and clean. Nice.

Get yourself a ton of it on Amazon.

Invest in microfiber cloths.


These things are lifesavers. See some dust? Take a dry microfiber cloth to it. Need to clean the counters? Wet microfiber cloth and a cleaner. There's nothing it can't do!

Well, it can't pay your taxes. But other than that? It's a good tier cleaning supply.

Try a foaming glass cleaner.

Mommy Hates Cooking

Let's be real: we've all seen those streaks from spray cleaners. So, let's try something new!

Foaming glass cleaner is a great, streak-free solution. Try this foam from Windex on Amazon.

A Magic Eraser is just a must.


These things are called magic for a reason. I mean, look at the difference on those shoes!

Magic Erasers work on everything, but especially stubborn dirt. Shoes, walls, doors, and cabinets are the best places to use it.

Goo Gone

Daily Momtivity

You need it. It's so useful for getting rid of... well, goo. Of any kind. Gum, sticker residue, tar, grease, paint — Goo Gone can handle any of it.

I have tried the "soaking in alcohol" method for sticker removal with only average results. Goo Gone does the job far better.

A cooktop cleaning kit is always a good idea.

Tom's Tek Stop

Well, according to my very nice former landlord, anyway. If you have a glass cooktop, order some cleaner meant for that specific task. I've tried other hacks, and nothing compares to actual cooktop cleaning cream.

Declutter your life.

Unsplash | Sarah Brown

Rather than asking if things around you spark joy, ask yourself this: Are you going to use it in the next six months? If you're not going to, it's time to a) put it in storage, or b) donate it.

Freshen up your garbage disposal.

Unsplash | Han Lahandoe

Let's face it: garbage disposals can smell nasty. One of my favorite tricks? Slice up a lemon and turn the disposal on. Not only will it crush up the lemon and provide a lemony-fresh scent, it'll also clean the blades!

Find the best solutions for your wood furniture and floors.


Keeping wood clean can be difficult, but keeping it scratch-free can be impossible.

Wood polish will help bring life back to your wood pieces! Method is a great brand for that and more — and they're very eco-friendly.

Make a schedule.

The first way to get organized is to make a plan. Make a list of what you need to do, figure out what tools you need to do it, then plan your battle accordingly.

Invest in some gloves.


Not disposable ones — we all know those aren't great by now. Find some good rubber cleaning gloves that you can wash and use over and over.

Try these ones from Amazon! No, you don't have to get pink. But like...you could.

A stain remover is a must.

The Kitchn

Stains just happen. I spilled a whole thing of Diet Coke on my carpet the other day. It's a fact of life, you know?

The best stain remover (according to blogs) is the Method Stain Remover. I knew I stanned them for a reason.

Leather cleaner is a must if you have a leather couch.

Megiuar's Online

Gentle cleaners are the best cleaners for leather. An incredibly popular choice is Furniture Clinic Leather Ultra Clean leather cleaner. Pair that with a leather conditioner to give your leather the longest possible life.

Get the best vacuum you'll ever have.


You know how some people hype up brands so much that you're inevitably disappointed when you try it? That did not happen with me when I bought my Dyson.

I found mine refurbished at Marshall's for $120. YUP, I found Dyson vacuum that did not break the bank. Keep your eye out there, on sites that sell refurbished appliances (like Best Buy), or buy one secondhand!

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