10+ Actors Who Played The Same Part (And Who Was Best, According To Fans)

In Hollywood, there is a whole lot of overlap.

Especially these days, where every new movie that hits the scene is a reboot, a remake, or some sort of adaptation.

While this may be a bummer to some of you, at least now we get to compare several people's performances.

Martin Freeman and Ian Holm

New Line Cinema

Role: Bilbo Baggins

Who did it best: Martin Freeman

While fans have a temptation to say "both, when the dust settles they have to agree that Martin Freeman did a better job.

Probably because he got more screen time as Bilbo.

Sir Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy

20th Century Studios

Role: Professor Charles Xavier

Who did it best: James McAvoy

After scouring the internet for an answer, the consensus has come up that James McAvoy was, in fact, the better Professor X.

Who would've thunk it?

Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy

Paramount Pictures

Role: Spock

Who did it best: Leonard Nimoy

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone on the internet willing to say Quinto was better. Not that Mr. Quinto had a bad performance or anything, it's just...

It's Leonard Nimoy.

Michael Fassbender and Sir Ian McKellan

20th Century Studios

Role: Magneto

Who did it best: Michael Fassbender

It seems that the younger generation of X-Men has taken the win on this one.

People voted that Michael Fassbender was the better Magneto.

Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire


Role: Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Who did it best: Tom Holland

People really love the MCU version of Spider-Man.

It seems that every time a debate like this one pops up, Tom Holland always comes out on top.

Mel Gibson and Tom Hardy

Village Roadshow

Role: Mad Max

Who did it best: Mel Gibson

This one was suprising, considering how most people on the internet reacted to Fury Road.

But, then again, you can't go wrong with the OG.

Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix, and Mark Hamill


Role: The Joker

Who did it best: Heath Ledger

Believe it or not, but despite the fact that Joaquin Phoenix just won an Oscar for playing The Joker, Heath Ledger still crushes him in polls.

Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot


Role: Wonder Woman

Who did it best: Gal Gadot

Between these two live-action versions, people consider Gal to be the best.

Special shoutout to Susan Eisenberg, who played the Amazon in the DC Animated Universe.

Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, Tom Welling, Henry Cavill, and George Reeves


Role: Superman

Who did it best: Christopher Reeve

He may not be the original, and he's certainly not the most recent, but he is the one that, apparently, lives on in everyone's hearts.

Ewan McGregor and Sir Alec Guinness


Role: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Who did it best: Sir Alec Guinness

This may upset the people from r/PrequelMemes, but the internet has voted that Sir Alec Guinness played that wise old man role better.

Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, Daniel Craig, and Sean Connery

Warner Bros.

Role: James Bond

Who did it best: Sean Connery

There have been so many James Bonds over the years, this must have been impossible to pick.

And yet, the original comes out on top.

Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, Adam West, and Christian Bale


Role: Batman

Who did it best: Christian Bale

It seems that the same people who keep voting Heath Ledger as the best Joker are out there in the best Batman polls as well!

The Dark Knight stands superior above the rest!

Anne Hathaway, Michelle Pfeiffer, Julie Newmar, and Eartha Kitt


Role: Catwoman

Who did it best: Julie Newmar

Whereas the newer people usually come out on top for superhero movies, every list I find has Julie Newmar as the best all-time Catwoman.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Momoa

Role: Conan The Barbarian

Who did it best: Arnold Schwarzenegger

You have to go with Arnie.

If it wasn't for this poll, a lot of people would have forgotten Jason Momoa was even in a Conan the Barbarian movie.