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Brides Are Wearing Dream Wedding Dresses That Carry Glasses Of Champagne

As wedding trends come and go, there is always one things brides want to be: unique. Whether it be totally breaking from tradition and going with a colorful dress, dip-dying their dresses, or finding inspiration from Disney princesses, there are always ways to bring your personality to your wedding attire.

If you love you some bubbly, then these next dresses are going to be right up your wine alley.

Is this not the most amazing wedding dress you ever did see?

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Some brides are wearing super extra, yet functional, wedding dress accessories that carry glasses of bubbly.

You're probably wondering how on earth the bride can walk around with at least 50 glasses filled with booze and not spill any of them.

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The secret is that this is actually a structure that the bride stands in or behind.

The accessory basically looks something like this.

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It definitely has Victorian crinoline vibes, but this one is made to be worn on the outside and is meant to look like a ballgown.

This one pictured above has wheels to move around in and serve champagne to all your guests, but the one Kelly McMillan had made for her is like a half dress that she just slides into and stands there for amazing Instagrammable photos.

According to Deadline News, Kelly's dress was custom made by a blacksmith and holds 50 glasses of bubbly.

Deadline News

And you know what? There are absolutely no guarantees brides are sharing!

What do you think of this wedding dress accessory? Would you get one of these made for your wedding? Let us know!

h/t: Deadline News

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