Quotes For People Who Aren’t Playing Around

As we walk around our busy lives, there are those of us who wander with a certain degree of je ne sais quoi. They are the kinds of people who you see in the street and marvel at how unaffected they seem by the chaos of modern life unfolding around them. Their footfalls are light and breezy, and their expression is one of constant serenity.

These are the people who aren't playing around in, they have their life together, and don't have time for life's nonsense. So, whether you're already one of these people, or want to unlock their secrets, here are some quotes for people who aren't playing around!

Don't Wait Around

Bill Murphy Jr.

Sure, you still want to make time for the little things in life. However, thinking that the world will wait for you is a fool's idea, so get out there and make the things you want in life happen!

The Search For Caffeine


Ah coffee, the elixir of the hard-working. Coffee can turn those Monday morning blues into... well, something slightly better than Monday blues!