'Supernatural' Cast Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Plane Engine Explodes

Supernatural definitely has had its moments of horror over its fifteen seasons, but the cast recently had a scary experience of their own while flying on Jared Padalecki's private jet.

Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Alex Calvery, and Richard Speight were travelling to Las Vegas on Padalecki's private jet for a 'Supernatural' convention this week.

While speaking to crowds at the convention, they initially downplayed what happened on the flight, with Misha Collins remarking that they had "a plane problem" the night before "and had to turn around."

"We're all texting loved ones and Jensen Ackles was like, 'it's fine.'"

The CW

Misha says that Ackles changed his tune once the plane had made an emergency landing. "We landed and he's like, 'I'm never flying again.'"

When Speight was asked what happened with the plane, he gave more details.

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"Jared tried to kill Alex, Misha, Jensen and I," he started off by joking, and then said, "We were flying in his plane and the right engine exploded. The engine literally blew up."

"The plane started tilting to the side and we were all trying not to panic."

The CW

We're glad everyone's okay and has a sense of humor about the incident!