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The 'Felicity' Hydrangea's Changing Petals Will Make Your Garden Happy

Hanging out in the garden is equally as exciting as going to Disney World is for kiddos. Really, if you think about it, a garden is like a whole other magical world where many gardeners go to escape and have fun.

There's so much anticipation for how your flowers and plants will bloom, and you might find that are are some surprises awaiting.

Hydrangeas are one of those plants that can leave you with much anticipation and surprise.

Hydrangeas are best planted in the spring or fall, which means you won't see their first bloom until the following summer.

But when they bloom, their gradient of colors is stunning, like this Felicity hydrangea.

Spring Hill Nurseries

According to Spring Hill Nurseries, this bush starts out with pink flowers, which then turns into a hybrid of pretty lavender and green as the summer moves along.

This hydrangea bush is really like a two-for-one deal! You'll be able to experience new colors in your garden all summer long.

Instagram | @thumbelinagreen

They're sure to elevate your garden and make your neighbours jelly.

It looks like you can get them at Home Depot for $24.98, but definitely call ahead to see if your local store has them ready for you.