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Video Of Courteney Cox's 15-Year-Old Daughter Singing Is Going Viral

Courteney Cox's 15-year-old daughter Coco isn't just as charismatic, beautiful and fun as her parents, she's also TALENTED A.F.!!!

Courteney Cox does her due diligence to embarrass her daughter Coco on social media.


Like when they filmed this TikTok together.

"Wanna see your child lose their patience? Do a TikTok with them. #familyaerobics," Courteney captioned the video.

However Courteney's latest video of Coco isn't embarrassing at all.

Instagram | @courteneycoxofficial

In fact, many would argue it's AWE-INSPIRING!!!

"When you have a teenager you barely get to see them. So much negotiating. Coco traded me one song if I let her go to a party. I took it," Courteney wrote alongside this amazing video of her daughter singing!

The song the mother-daughter duo are covering is Demi Lovato's "Anyone."

The FRIENDS & THE FANS cannot get over what a powerhouse VOCALIST Coco is!

Instagram | @courteneycoxofficial

Jennifer Aniston taught her God baby WELL!

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