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14+ People Who Have A Lot To Learn

Look, there is a lot of stuff to learn in life! And, while a lot of us spend out time taking in stuff from our surroundings and remembering it, there are a fair few people out there who are not exactly... in sync with the way of the world shall we say?

From people not knowing what continents are, to people unnecessarily cutting their limbs off, here are 14+ people who really have a lot to learn!

"Student uses light on phone to charge portable solar battery so that he can charge his phone..."

Reddit | IKnowICantSpel

Someone give this person all of the science awards possible, they've solved the energy crisis.

"What are you supposed to say?"

Twitter | BisHilarious

This is why you should never talk to any people ever. Just live in your house and nothing will happen like this.

"Right! That's a mango!"

Reddit | Urban_Commander

I just don't know how someone could make this kind of mistake? If you just go on Google and search images for Mango... it comes up with plenty of images of mangoes!

Parking Like A Prat

Reddit | danruse

Ah, the asshat Mercedes driver. Truly, one of nature's most irritating occurrences. It is important to avoid them all as often as possible.

"You're standing right in front of the best example in the whole world that proves that walls don't work."

Twitter | MonicaCrowley

This photograph is so incredibly ignorant that it hurts. However, the fact that this woman has achieved such high office in government hurts more.

"People in my city claiming the dangerous algae bloom to be a fisheries 'conspiracy.' Enjoy the paralysis I guess..."

Reddit | kpdvr4lyfe

The thing I never get about these conspiracy theorists is who do they think is benefitting from these supposed conspiracies? Who benefits from lying about algae blooms?

"That's not how you use a capo..."

Reddit | southwoodhunter

Guitarists everywhere will be weeping at the very existence of this image.

"Cooking skills out of this world."


Based upon my own cooking prowess I don't normally feel comfortable making fun of people's cooking mistakes, but this is something else!

"For Daylight Savings I had to change the time on my Black & Decker microwave can you find the manufacturing flaw."

Reddit | Gillatene

Of all of the words to misspell on this microwave, that is perhaps the worst one of all. It took me a while to realize what the error was as it looks so much like "Cook time" at a glance.

"Jacob Wohl's latest grift: Pretending to travel the world but forgetting to pose in front of a different fence."

Reddit | GallowBoob

It's almost like Instagram is a fake reality anyway! It's not hard to just turn around, how could this guy possibly have made this easy a mistake?

"In event of a fire, we need a sacrifice."

Reddit | billymybraggs

I think that the person who designed this might have missed a potential fault, but I just can't quite put my finger on what it is.

"This man trying to smuggle a kilo of cocaine under a wig at the Barcelona airport."

Reddit | CapitanHarkonnen

Flawless, simply flawless. Look, he thought that he looked fly as hell with that beehive-Esque hairdo, so leave him alone!

"A true patriot."


It's important to have pride in your country's flag, but it's also more important to just know what your country's flag is!

"Where's the closest tower?"


The top comment on this image read as follows, "I work with high-ish power radios. These radios are strong enough to burn you if you touch the bare antenna, but pose practically no harm outside of that because their radiation is non-ionizing. People fear what they don’t understand."

"Gotta love cacti in your face when the airbag deploys."

Reddit | GallowBoob

That's one hell of a prickly situation waiting to happen! Nothing screams safety first like cacti in your eyes!

"Meanwhile in Chernobyl: Instagram influencers flocking to the site of the disaster."

Reddit | GallowBoob

It's almost like Instagram influencers are shallow, vacuous personality-vacuums with no care for who they insult or devalue in their disgusting quest for internet validation.

"How stupid soap opera can be?"

Reddit | shaiful182

I'm no medical expert, but I think that they might need to fire the prop guy who wired up this person. Either that or give them a job on a comedy show.

Vape Addicts

Reddit | OhYeahPotato

Dear God, someone really needs to talk to whoever put this up about inhalers, especially considering how life-threatening asthma attacks can be.

But... How?

Reddit | BCDragon300

I can't actually work out how somebody could make such a catastrophic mistake when simply cooking dinner?

"Classy mom and dad take their kids to visit NASA's headquarters."

Reddit | enenamas

Those kids really don't seem to be as invested in their parent's hokey cause.

"Professional deaf track team lands in San Francisco and is welcomed by this..."

Reddit | AzurEdge3290

What do they think that being deaf means? Also, how did not one of those many attendants not flag up this blunder?

Ready For Disaster

Reddit | convict99

There is no telling the carnage that this person will cause when they inevitably go over a bump in the road.


Twitter | Maccoul_

To be fair, that does seem like the kind of joke that Family Guy would try and pull!

The Necessary Approach

Reddit | HighSnark

If you were the doctor, would you really tell him that it was unnecessary? Surely it would cost nothing to just let him think that he'd done the right thing as opposed to making him feel bad.

"'Modern' humanity."

Reddit | GallowBoob

Yeah people, wake up and stop being lied to by the so-called science nerds who just want to keep you in the dark for absolutely no reason whatsoever!


Reddit | GSB6189

I don't think that that is how the internet works. Although, if you click it, you might get transported into the wonderful world of the internet, where everyone is screaming at you in capital letters and forcing cat pictures into your brain.

"The one who made this braille flat should be fired."

Reddit | raweza

I bet they thought that they would save money on signs by just printing the braille, however, they missed one element of reading braille.

"Found in a children's maths workbook."

Reddit | Runs4Rum

Well, if the book says so then it must be true! I don't care what the supposed "professionals" would have me believe, wake up sheeple!

"Tried to hang a curtain over my front door, but didn’t realize what I did until I stepped back."

Reddit | cdcarson99

Can you see what the problem is with this, aside from the fact that this curtain is too short for the window that is...

"This I can relate to."

Reddit | kevinowdziej

I guess my plan of staying in your house alone to try and avoid embarrassing encounters happening doesn't work if you can still make blunders like this over email as well.

"Someone in my hometown was sick of people's s**t!"

Reddit | SchokiPanda

It's both good for your flexibility and for your society! If you're not prepared to pick up your dog's poop, then don't get a dog in the first place!

"At Walmart last night - Maybe it's just me, but surely there's a better way to stack TVs..."

Reddit | Bring_a_towel_42

This is just anxiety in a photograph. It's just waiting for one unsuspecting customer to walk passed it and crumple in a fit of destruction.

"He said he wanted it blank so let's write down what he told us!"

Reddit | ProfessahTigah

This is the most Mr. Peanutbutter thing that I have ever seen outside of Bojack Horseman. Also, what kind of trophy are you giving out that needs to be completely blank?

"Engineer 1: What's the date today? Oh idk."

Reddit | Explesis

I mean, they're not wrong, but I don't think that is exactly what the sign meant!

"These Are The Same People Who Tell You to Read A Biology Book."

Reddit | cangetenough

You can imagine what the person who wrote this' Facebook wall must look like from this picture alone.

"Dad still loves her... probably."

Reddit | diamondmines2

This is clearly someone who has not been keeping the cause alive! We need to keep the red flags flying Conrads!

"Really? Reallly????"

Reddit | yuri__bot

How many times must vaccines be proven to be safe before the anti-vaxx movement finally dies out?

Only The Freshest Fish

Reddit | lloyd_braun_no_1_dad

A lot of fish are frozen in order to kill parasites that could harm people from consuming it. However, the store should just say this instead of just flat out lying.

Walk It Off!

Reddit | 42words

This place looks like it could be the single worst place to work on the planet. Employers need to start treating their workers like people, and not like machines!

Geography 101


People on Twitter can never cease to amaze! Now, geography is my worst subject, however, even I can spot the slight flaw here.