25+ Pics That Present Nothing But Pure Cringe

Why is it that we simply cannot take our eyes away from those cringeworthy moments in life that make us want to leap into a bath of acid? Comedy shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Peep Show, Impractical Jokers, and many more have shown that humanity has a bizarre fascination with cringe that is never fully satisfied.

So, prepare to wince, curl your toes, and generally want to walk off into the sunset, as I present you with these 17+ pics that present nothing but pure cringe!

"I just thought you should know that up front."

Reddit | Daphneishere

Can you imagine being sat behind this "couple" and seeing this happen? I don't think I'd have been able to stop myself from either laughing or leaving.

"Me at 17 (2010) living it up in Vegas."

Reddit | pelirojo67

This picture screams regret. However, at least the person who posted it seems to be self-aware. This person also wrote an update explaining that the shirt choice surprisingly did not help them to get laid.

"A cornucopia of cringe."

Reddit | Fearmadillo

Someone pointed out that if she is supposedly only on there to see if her ex is using it, then why did she swipe right on 3000 men?

"2004. Trying to take a MySpace photo while no one was at home."

Reddit | CrazySunshineWizard

I think that they're meant to be Lance The Dragon Champion form Pokemon, and yes it's sad that I know this. The guy in the picture went on to write, "Pretty sure I was 16 going on 17. It was my first year in drama class. Drama class became an excuse to wear costumes."

"DoNt MeSs WiTh Me WhEn I'm bOwLiNg!"

Reddit | DiddyKongRacingTho

Bowling really brings out the crazy in some people! Never get in between a pin-head and their game! (I've heard that is what the like to be called, "Pin heads")

"This fabulous pair of boxers produced for a boyfriend going on a trip without his SO."

Reddit | v_cffb

I hope to Christ that these are meant as a joke gift! Also, why are there flowers growing from the backs of her arms?

"'Daddy delivered his load' found on Facebook."

Reddit | peace-out-28495

And the award for the trashiest baby announcement on Earth goes to this couple. I mean, congrats and all, but what were you thinking?

"This guy at the airport taking pictures of young girls in yoga pants."

Reddit | Capt_Panic

Apparently, the person who took this photo asked the guy in the picture, "is your camera zoom good enough for your pictures?" The guy in the picture then stopped and left. Disgusting that people do this kind of thing.

"Just stop already."

Reddit | wrightentertainment

I don't know who is responsible for the spread of these baby-talking memes, but you should be ashamed of yourself! Every time I read "chicky nuggies" I lose a little bit of faith in humanity.

"My buddy thought this was a good idea... 10 out of 10 would not recommend."

Reddit | loadtoad88

Getting a tattoo of something which will date so quickly is never a good idea. This will age incredibly well.

"1996 HS Yearbook Picture."

Reddit | Moose336

I really don't know what this style is meant to be, but it's exactly the sort of thing that screams "Regrettable high-school decisions." I also don't really understand why there is a smiley face taped to their shirt?

"Prom. 2006. My date was extremely out of my league. She looks amazing, while I stand there looking cringe-worthy with that fedora and cane."

Reddit | MrJ429

For a man wearing a fedora and a cane, this is a guy oozing an incredible amount of confidence!

Why, Just Why?

Reddit | resololo

People don't choose the thug life, it chooses them, and when this person got the call they didn't hesitate to pick up.

"Ah yes they will never suspect this as an police vehicle."


These undercover police are becoming more and more sneaky by the day! I can't fathom how many criminals will be caught out by these armoured chameleons.

"How dare you call a burrito a chimeny chonga."

Reddit | MrCommentyCommenter

Ah, a good old fashioned idiotic racist. Where would the internet be without these people? Well, it'd probably be a much happier place actually.

"My mom told me not to blink during my 2nd grade class picture."

Reddit | ntaylor7746

I mean, I guess that they achieved what they set out to achieve. However, this person's mother was apparently not happy with the result!

Now This Is Awkward!

Reddit | namedonelettere

I mean, a nice picture is a nice picture, so why let it go to waste? They each could probably have done a bit of a better job at making it a little less obvious that they had cropped out an ex though.

"I hope he doesn't spend it all in one place."

Reddit | I hope he doesn't spend it all in one place

Just make sure that you don't spend it all at once! The whole picture is only made more cringe-worthy by the presence of that wristband!

"My best friend and I in middle school at the height of twilight fame... I don't even have words."

Reddit | kay-tuh-lin

Apparently, the person who posted this explained that their mother was also a massive fan of the Twilight franchise (even going so far as to write fan fiction), hence why they had so many cutouts to hand.

"The most awkward car ride."

Reddit | Mental-Day

I think at that point you just need to roll down the window and leap out to your uncertain fate. Nothing can be worse than staying in that car.

"The President literally posted this."

Reddit | Puffthecarrier1

In years to come, people will look back through the history of the United States and use this tweet as a signifier of one of the nation's darkest times.

"No words for this."

Reddit | 21AngryGorillas

Sure, this might be around a year old at this point, but no matter how many times I see this I will never not wince. It feels just as fresh as the first day I saw it and wanted to pull out my eyes.

"Definitely not helping your case."

Reddit | Essex22

The first step in not making people feel uncomfortable is not leaving random messages at their home when they're out.

"This man really out here wearing a hentai sweatshirt in the Vatican City."

Reddit | CaptainCrypt1018

This man is going straight to hell. The fact that he is also wearing one of those little bags is also a sin that we're just going to breeze straight passed.

"Taking the missus out shopping."

Reddit | Jiggy_Kitty

A lot of people expressed an incredible amount of concern about why there was a blanket underneath her. Look, I don't know who needs to hear this, but don't take sex dolls out to the shops, please.

"I want to die."

Reddit | ckkohl

And you thought that people dancing to this song in clubs was bad enough, let alone thinking of teachers doing it.

"Well, that's a bold fashion statement."

Reddit | SpacePistachio

What a weird flex. There's little wonder that the police are arresting him, anyone who goes out with that outfit on should be taken into custody after all.

"My all-time favorite Christmas blunder (I'm top left)."

Reddit | Chrismercy

Santa looks just as confused about what is going on in this picture as everyone looking at it is. Either that or he looks drunk.

"Woman puts her nasty feet on airplane ceiling where air conditioning is."

Reddit | accoustickaty

I know for a fact that if I was on this plane then I would happen to be sat right next to this person. I always get the short straw on planes, without fail.

"It looks like trashy leveled up to messy."

Reddit | StcStasi

Wow, looks like this person is doing an excellent job of working on themself. At least their handwriting is quite neat.

"In 4th good grade, I was too badass for just one wristwatch."

Reddit | dcgrove

Sometimes it is important to have more than one timezone covered!

"I went through a 'Comrade' phase in high school. Why? Why did I do that?"

Reddit | DeatHTaXx

Why do people in high school ever think that wearing hats like this is a good idea? I mean, just think a little bit about your actions. Hats do not age well!

Move On!

Reddit | paranormalmb

Tinder can be a veritable gold mine of material that makes you want to move into the forest and cut yourself off completely from humanity.

The Truest Form Of Entertainment

Reddit | DRazorblade

How much would you have to be paid to sit through this show? Whatever the figure you thought of was, it's not enough.

"A restaurant known for their wings in NE Philadelphia. Pretty gross..."

Reddit | carpetbooth

No one expects chicken shops to be exactly spotless, but this is another level. Also, clean your damn shoes once in a while!

"Facebook deleted a picture of my dog for being political. I had labeled him 'Dognald Trump'."

Reddit | Terriere

Some satire is just too cutting to be allowed for public consumption.

"Instructions unclear..."

Reddit | black_flag_4ever

What pizzeria would ever have an option for removing the cheese from a pizza? Is this something that people want? I'm genuinely curious.

"No more plastic waste."

Reddit | steeemo

So long as you put your jumbo plastic pack of Big 8 into a reusable bag then you're doing your bit for the environment!


Reddit | seftie__

When you're trying to flirt with someone over messenger, I think that a good rule of thumb is to read the message aloud to yourself before you send it, and if it sounds like something that Alan Partridge would say, then don't send it.