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10+ Celebs Who Had Help From Their Parents

There are people who get famous on their own. Then there are the ones who get some help from their parents.

These are the celebrities that are in the latter category.

It doesn't make them any less famous or anything, we still love and adore them as much as the others.

1. Charlie Sheen

It's hard to deny that Charlie had no help in becoming famous, considering his father is one of the most famous actors of all-time: Michael Sheen.

Their scene in Hot Shots: Part Deux is hilarious.

2. Angelina Jolie

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There was a time when she may have asked for her father John Voigt's help, but they don't really speak anymore. According to her:

"My father and I don't speak.I don't believe that somebody's family becomes their blood. Because my son's adopted, and families are earned."

3. Ben Stiller

King Of Queens and Seinfeld fans are very aware of Jerry Stiller, but Ben's mom [was also hilarious.]

Her name was Anne Meara, and she appeared frequently on The Ed Sullivan Show

4. Emma Thompson


There was no chance that Emma Thompson didn't become famous.

Her mom is Phyllida Law, a famous Scottish actress, and her father was Eric Thompson, who created and narrated a TV show.

5. Dwayne Johnson

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The start of his career was helped by the fact that his father, Rocky Johnson, was a wrestler too.

Without him, he may not have gotten the chance to be in the WWE.

The Rock also thanked his dad for how tough he was on him:

“My old man was tough…on me. He’d kick my butt from one side of the gym to the other for years. I hated it when I was a kid, but grateful for it as a man.”

6. George Clooney

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It wasn't all his good looks and talent that got him into the business.

He also may have been helped by his father, who was a TV presenter. His mom was a beauty queen. He liked to mimic his father's talent and learned from his kind heart.

7. Sylvester Stallone

Sure, a lot of the work he had to do himself in order to get into show business, but his mom may have been an inspiration for another aspect of his life.

You see, she was a famous power-lifter.

She was one of the first women ever to have her own TV show based on powerlifting, so maybe her son took that career to heart.

Jackie Stallone still does it today!

8. Naomi Watts

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It was seeing her mom in a play that made young Naomi want to become an actress.

Her mom was Miv Edwards, a decently famous costume designer and decorator, as well as an actress.

9. Michael Douglas

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Michael Douglas had a mom and dad that were in show business. His mom was Diana Love Dill, an actress. And his father was legendary actor Kirk Douglas.

Not bad!

10. Keira Knightley


It seems that Keira Knightley was lucky on both accounts because both of her parents were in show business.

Her father was an actor, and her mom was a writer and director.

11. Kaia Gerber

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For those of you who have never heard of model Kaia Gerber, you may recognize her celebrity mother, Cindy Crawford.

However, she didn't always realize that she had a famous mother.

Here was the moment she realized her mom was famous:

“It was on my eighth birthday, at Disneyland, that I started to understand what was going on. I wanted to take pictures with the princesses, and everyone wanted to take pictures with her!”

Yep, that'll do it.