9+ Funny Memes To Make Parents Forget About How Tired They Are

Parents go through a lot raising kids. I think most of the time they deserve a medal for all the stuff they have to put up with. Unfortunately, there are no medals given out for all the struggles parenting brings about.

So why not let these memes remind you that during those tough times when your eyes won't stay open, there are others suffering the same fate.

I think only stay at home moms would understand this one.


Their husbands have fear in their eyes every single day walking in the door. Isn't that right?

This happens pretty much every time you try to use the bathroom in your own home when you're a parent.

There is no hiding from your kids... ever!

So, you want to take a break from making dinner and you have the bright idea to take your kids to a restaurant.


I'm guessing you'll never eat there again after the mess your kids made.

Speaking of dinner, don't you love it when you just slaved in the kitchen for two hours making the best dinner ever, and your kid just won't eat it?

Fine, don't eat. See if I care!

Is this not the best strategy or what?

Looks like this mama has got it going on and then some. Now let's have some tacos. Alright? Ha, ha!

Ah, ha, ha, ha, ain't that the truth?


Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it just isn't going to work. You might as well just stay in bed instead.

Before you had kids, grocery shopping was a total pleasure and a relaxing trip.


After having kids it's just a freaking nightmare. This is right on the money.

Say goodbye to Friday nights, Saturday nights, oh, and Sunday nights.

There's pretty much never going to be any "me time" until they're 18-years-old.

Now they've gone and ruined my favorite phrase.


Is there ever going to be anything I can still call my own? Oh wait, I forgot — I'm a parent.

Remember that time you had no work and got to sleep in on the weekends?


Well, forget it. That's not going to happen again for a very long, long time.

Speaking of sleep, this is literally what every parent feels like every single night.

Until the kids wake up and want to have a late-night snack that is.

Ha, ha, ha! Why do they say that when they don't actually mean it?

You're pretty much on your own until you can bribe Grandma to babysit for a few hours.

Hooray, you did it!


You managed to leave the kids with the in-laws. Now if only you can actually relax and not worry about them every five minutes, you'll be set.

Husbands, just keep quiet if you're tired.

Seriously, it's best for everyone if you just don't say anything. No matter how tired you are, your wife is probably functioning on two hours of sleep... if that!

If you managed to get through the day without blood, sweat, or tears that's quite the accomplishment.

Don't get too used to it because you gotta do it again tomorrow.