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Could This 'Phoebe Or Phoebo' Banner BE More Perfect For Expecting 'Friends' Fans?

Gender reveal parties are only getting more and more extra. From colored cakes, to fireworks, and colored farts, the trend is not slowing down.

If you're a Friends fan, there's a super cute banner that will take your baby shower or gender reveal to a new level that only true Friends fans will understand.

Seriously—could this banner BE cuter?

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This is a play on the episode where Phoebe makes some name suggestions for Rachel and Ross' baby.

"If it's a girl, Phoebe. If it's a boy, Phoebo."

It's a less flashy and safer gender reveal or baby shower decoration, but still makes the point—girl or boy?

Etsy | CraftyCurlsShop

I'm sure your friends who are fans of the show will also get a kick out of the banner.

Etsy shop Crafty Curls Shop is selling the banner for $36 assembled or unassembled for $30.

Did we just plan your shower for you? There's a good chance we did!

How would you reveal your baby's gender, if at all?

Let us know!