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10+ Times Dwayne Johnson Broke Instagram

Can you smell what the rock is cooking on Instagram????

If it's hilarity with a huge pinch of aww-inducing posts, then you're spot on.

Here are the 10+ times Dwayne Johnson broke Instagram!

When he spoon-fed his wife who had just given birth to their baby:

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Romance isn't dead, people!

The Rock was there to prove that when he spoon-fed his postpartum wife AND looked happy doing it.

"So much respect to her and all mamas out there holding it down and running things," he wrote.

When he had this hilarious wardrobe malfunction:

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Those muscles might look good... like, um, damn good... but they didn't do too much good when it came to fitting into a Halloween costume.

"Never buy a costume that says "One size fits most". #PissedOffPopeye #CostumeNeedsToComeInSilverbackSize #CornCobPipe #LooksMoreLikeACrackPipe #HappyHalloween," he wrote.

When he made this little kid's day:

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"This kid's smile lit up the entire gym when we met today! Thanks for being such a cool fan, Lorenzo!! You're an inspiration buddy! Your bud - Rock," he wrote.

We're not crying; you're crying!


When he surprised his stunt double with a truck:

Alright, prepare to shed some tears.

The Rock made hearts warm all around the world when he generously bought his long-term stuntman Tanoai Reed a custom truck.

Where can we sign up to be a stuntman???

When he was the cutest swimming instructor we've ever seen:

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The actor has his hands full with his career, but when it comes to the little things in life, such as teaching his daughter how to swim, he's always there.

"Took my shirt off and she said, Daddy I like it your brown boobies. Thank you baby, but daddy has pecs, not boobies," he hilariously shared.

When he showed Instagram his emotional side:

He may be tough and make us laugh (and swoon), but The Rock isn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

When his father sadly died this past January, he shared this beautiful tribute for his dad.

When he let his daughter feed him a croissant even though he was on a strict diet:

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Parenting takes sacrifice! If she wants him to eat, he will eat!

The actor shared this adorable picture this on #WomensEqualityDay since she wears the pants in this relationship, obv.

When he made fun of his old facial hair choices:

This picture might explain why Johnson is now bald...

"6’5 280lbs of hungry nightmare (or thirsty dream pending one’s perspective). Also not sure why I thought shaving my goatee but keep my beard was a good choice 🤦🏽‍♂️ Someone throw chunky smiles over here another waffle," he wrote.

Anytime he trolled BFF, Kevin Hart:

In case you didn't know this, the Jumanji co-stars have been in a pranking/troll war for years now and it is EVERYTHING.

In this hilarious video, he replaced the face of his youngest daughter with Hart.

When he proved, once again, that he is the most adorable father:

Hear that?

It's the sound of a collective "aww" heard all around the world.

BTW, this is the original video that inspired that hilarious Kevin Hart one!

When he took care of an injured baby bird:

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"Had to take care of this lil’ guy this morning who I found on my porch struggling hard to fly," he wrote.

He made sure to let fans know that they will not get the same treatment if they show up on his porch like this.

throws out yellow blanket

When he shared his insane cheat meals with us:

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Fans of Dwayne's can always look forward to his epic cheat meals. Most of the time, it includes sushi and ALL OF THE TIME, the amount of food is insane.

When he had his "#PapaBearPriorities" in the right place:

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He may fight bad guys in his movies, but The Rock is never too "tough" to do girly things like get his nails done by his daughter.

We hope he tipped her well!

When he found his weakness:

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He may have been the Scorpion King, but when it comes to lobsters, The Rock is no match.

"Rock Lobster. #TBT #RollingStonePhotoShoot #IFeelNoPain #Ever #OkMaybeALittle," he shared.

When he welcomed two new furry additions into the family:

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The Rock with puppie... need we say more?