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Snoop Dogg Is Making A Reimagined 'Sherlock Holmes' Series

Oh yes! It seems that Snoop D-O Double G is going to be producing a show about Sherlock Holmes! Or perhaps it will be a show that is inspired by Sherlock Holmes.

Alright, enough teasing.

Let's dive right into this show and see, once and for all, what's happening.

Snoopadelic Films is going to executive produce a TV series called “IQ”.

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It's one of those Sherlock Holmes "reimaginings", and it's going to be in association with Alcon Entertainment, the people who produced Blade Runner 2049, The Blind Side and other projects.

So what's it about?


It's based on a series of crime novels by Joe Ide, and it's about a young African American man named Isaiah Quintabe (who has the nickname "IQ").

He's brilliant and he's good at solving crime.

And, like his English Victorian era counterpart, he's got a Watson too.

But this Watson is no uppity Doctor, no.

His name is Juanell Dodson, and he's a semi-reformed East Side Crip who comes into IQ's life because of a case that could pay off big.

It sounds fun, it sounds hip, and sounds exactly like something Snoop would want to be a part of.

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Especially because the book is about IQ working for a rap mogul who thinks someone is trying to kill him.

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