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Cinnabon Is Selling A Chillatta That's Garnished With A Whole Churro And Tons Of Caramel

Cinnabon is absolutely hypnotizing. I'm not even joking. It is absolutely impossible to walk by Cinnabon in the mall and not feel entranced by its sweet cinnamon scent. I somehow manage to walk right by it most times, but it doesn't mean I stop thinking about my missed opportunity all night long.

And now they released a Churro Chillatta frozen drink, and the game is officially over.


Chillattas are basically like their own version of a creme-based Frappuccino from Starbucks.

But does Starbucks top their Frapps with Churros? Not yet, anyways...

Cinnabon's Churro Chillata is blended with churros, caramel, and cream.

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Customers can choose between a Churro Chillatta Stick or Churro Chillatta Swirl.

But the pièce de résistance of the beverage is its garnish of a full warmed up churro, whipped cream, and even more caramel.

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The drink comes in at a whopping 980 calories, but that's not stopping anyone from indulging in such a thing of beauty!

Great, now we really won't be able to resist Cinnabon's tempation!

Will you be giving this treat a try? Let us know!

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