Poll Proves Fans Prefer Tom Holland Over Tobey Maguire As Their Favorite Spider-Man

Some people may think that everyone's opinion is valid, or in the very least acceptable.

And yes, while it may be acceptable to have the opinion that the dinosaurs never existed, or that earth is flat, or that Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man, it doesn't mean the opinion is right.

Our good friends at Comic Book News did a poll a while back to see who would be voted as the best Spider-Man.

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It was a battle for the ages: Tom Holland's current "Avengers" Spider-Man vs. the original Spider-Man that helped start the original Marvel universe: Tobey Maguire.

As you can see, Tom Holland took the win.


He crushed Tobey Maguire with 68% of the vote, meaning that only 32% of people preferred Maguire to Holland.

It was a shocking upset to everyone who grew up in the 2000s, but also, not really out of left field.

After all, Tom Holland's Peter Parker definitely looks like a teenage boy, whereas Tobey looked like a grown adult in a high school.


Which he was.

It definitely took away some of the realism.

But this is the age of democracy, and we want to hear from more than just one poll.


What do you, the fans of Diply think?

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