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Boy Shows Up As School Security Officer For 'Dress As Your Favorite Person Day'

When a kindergarten student was recently given the chance to dress up as his favorite person for one day at school, there was no question who he was going to show up as.

As Good Morning America reported, 5-year-old Easton Blocker donned a yellow shirt and black pants so he could match his school security officer Jeffery Cross, who just so happens to be his personal hero and also his best friend.

The boy's mom, Lauryn Blocker, explained that the heartwarming costume was all Easton's idea.

Lauryn Blocker via Good Morning America

"He's infatuated with Officer Cross," the mom of three told GMA. "He will tell you, 'That's my best friend!'"

So naturally when Bobby G. Lester Elementary School in Jacksonville, Arkansas, held a "Dress As Your Favorite Person Day", Easton knew just who he was going to emulate.

With a little help from his mom, the 5 year old was able to perfectly match his favorite person.

Lauryn Blocker via Good Morning America

For his costume, Easton wore a pair of black pants and a yellow shirt. As a final touch, his mom stuck vinyl lettering onto the back to read "Junior Security."

The result? A totally adorable costume that has made the internet collectively melt into a little puddle of cuteness overload.

Cross, 35, was completely surprised and deeply touched to see the kindergartner dressed just like him.

Lauryn Blocker via Good Morning America

"Most of the scholars are expected to dress as their teachers or fellow classmates," he explained. "Easton, ever since the first day of school, he comes up and hugs me. He's adorable. He has a very fun, high-spirited personality."

Easton's school district uploaded sweet photos of the matching pair to Facebook where they quickly went viral.

Facebook | Jacksonville North Pulaski School District

And the comment section is understandably filled with people who simply cannot get over how darn cute this whole story is.

"This made my day," one person wrote, while another added, "How adorable!"

Easton's mom, Lauryn, said she was happy she could help her son transform into his hero for a day.

Facebook | Lauryn Blocker

As she told GMA, "For someone who my son looks up to so much I'm going to say, 'Hey, this is how much he adores you.'"

h/t: Good Morning America