10+ Memes About The Love-Hate Relationship Women Have With Shopping

Who here loves shopping? Come on, fess up. I'm looking at you, Boo. Lately, I've spent way too much time on Amazon and my favorite online shops. Maybe it's because spring is coming and the scent of it is already in the air.

If you love shopping as much as I do I bet you'll get a kick out of these. There's way too much truth in them.

Literally, this is me, like, every day. LOL!

Why do all these places have sales at the same time? "Why?" I ask. Why??? This is just not fair.

This is what happens when your guy tells you he's taking you shopping.

Honestly, he just doesn't know what he's in for, right, ladies? I pity that fool!

This is exactly why I usually stick to trusted and tried online shops because I cannot stand when I don't get what I expected.

Read the reviews, people.

I'm a total sucker for a bargain.

I'll out-shop anyone 10 times over. But sometimes, it does have its drawbacks. You gotta see the stuff I'm hiding in my storage.

I've switched to buying all-natural products a long time ago, and I gotta tell you, my wallet hasn't been happy ever since.

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That s**t is expensive y'all. $10? ROTFL.

Am I the only one who gets giddy when I hear that door bell, knowing I've got some packages coming to me?

It's like Christmas all over again. Ha, ha!

Ah, ha, ha, ha!

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Shhh, we all have our secrets. I won't tell on you if you promise not to tell on me. Deal? Okay, sounds good to me.

Oh, honey, keep telling yourself that.

Deep down inside you know that you would have saved money if you didn't shop at all, but I won't shame you.

OMG, just imagine if that was an actual shipping option.

Husbands everywhere would be afraid — so very afraid. LOL! Well, here's hoping it'll happen one day. Wink, wink.

Is it just me or does that happen to everyone?

Especially when shopping at Target, Walmart, or pretty much anywhere else. Ha, ha! I just can't help it. I need it.

If only the cashier would throw a celebration party every time this happened.

I dunno, maybe that would be too embarrassing. Ah, heck — I think I would enjoy it.

When you subscribe to the whole idea of "just treat yourself".

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I do that too, girl. I do, too. Unfortunately, sometimes you gotta learn to just say no. LOL!

Oh snap — she didn't. Oh yes, she did say that out loud.


I think she forgot to filter her inner voice again. Oops, I hate when that happens.

Don't get me started on my love-hate relationship with shopping.

I absolutely love to get new stuff. Who doesn't? But then when that bill comes, I'm panicking big time.