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You Can Order A Super Extra Bloody Mary That's Garnished With Two Whole Fried Chickens

Bloody Marys are no longer simple delicious drinks made with vodka, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, and some lemon juice. They've become full meals chock-full of everything necessary to cure a hangover. A celery stick is just not going to cut it! Many are topped with sliders, onion rings, fried pickles—restaurants usually have their own unique toppings.

There is absolutely no scientific proof that these actually do cure a hangover, but the combo sure is tasty!

Many people are perfectly content with a cute little minimalist Bloody Mary.

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Maybe you prefer a simple celery stick poking out, or a skewer with an olive and pickle.

But if you're looking to step up your Bloody Mary game, you gotta head to Nashville.

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There, you will find this monstrosity.

Nashville restaurant Party Fowl is whipping up giant Bloody Marys that look more like Bloody Mary bouquets.

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It's basically a full three-course meal plopped right on top of the drink.

The Brunch for Two Bloody Mary is 55 ounces in total, topped two avocado halves, two scotch eggs, eight pieces of fried okra, and two whole fried chickens.

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That's right. Two. Whole. Fried. Chickens.

Some may call it a "drink," but I like to think of it as more of an artistic masterpiece.

Is there a Bloody Mary museum? Because there totally should be.

Here's a video on how the drink is made.

The chickens are carefully placed first, and everything else sort of just gets skewered wherever they can fit.

Are your eyes welling up yet? This truly is a thing of beauty.

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This is definitely one made for sharing! I guess it's time to head to Nashville, and don't forget to bring a buddy.

Find the drinks for $50 at their Tennessee locations.

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