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Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin Announce A Joint Tour In 2020

That's it! It's official! 2020 is the year we ALL start really livin' that vida loca!

Two legendary Spanish music icons will be hitting the road this year on tour, and they'll be doing it together!

You know Enrique Iglesias.

Enrique's most famous hits include "Hero," "Escape," "Did You Know," and "Bailamos," and his twenty-year relationship with Anna Kournikova is #RelationshipGoals.

They just welcomed their third child at the end of January, by the way.

Instagram | @enriqueiglesias

Joining two-year-old twins Nicholas and Lucy is their new daughter, Masha.

You'd think that would mean Enrique would be a pretty busy guy this year, but apparently not...

Obviously, Ricky Martin is also a legend.

"Livin' La Vida Loca," "She Bangs," and all of the hits coming from one of my very favorite boybands, Menudo? Honestly, how could you even top it?

Well, obviously, by having both of them tour together, of course!

The boys have announced they'll be touring together in 2020 starting in September, and you KNOW I'm gonna be there front row.

"I am so excited to announce my 2020 Tour with @enriqueiglesias!" Ricky shared on Instagram.

Enrique shared his excitement, writing on his own page, "Excited to announce that I’m going on tour with @Ricky_Martin!" and added that the pre-sale password will be "EI2020."

Fans are obviously ecstatic at the news.

"The superhero duo the world was waiting for," one commenter wrote, while another added, "This is the best crossover everrrr!"

"KINGS OF LATIN POP!" exclaimed one fan on Instagram.

"OMGGGGGG my dream concert come true .... finally," added another. "This really is a dream lineup and I can't believe it's taken this long for this duo to go on tour together!"

I, for one, am super excited!

Are you going? Check out the list of dates here and let us know in the comments!