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Alex Trebek 'Almost Gave Up On Life' During Cancer Treatment

One year ago we got some devastating news.

That Alex Trebek, one of the greatest game show hosts of all-time, had been diagnosed with cancer. The world collectively bowed their heads in hope that somehow he would pull through.

And here we are. One year later and the good news is coming.

Before we get to the sad stuff, there's some good news.

As we know, Alex Trebek was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer a year ago. The chances of surviving a year with that kind of cancer were 18%.

And he did it.

Now, while the survival rate for the cancer itself is only 7%, his oncologist has assured him that in a year or two, the game show host should be celebrating.


Which is nice to hear.

What's not so nice to hear is the hard time Trebek had to go through to get to this point.

Chemotherapy puts the body through a lot.

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In an address he made recently, he talked to Jeopardy! fans about the heck he had to endure during chemo.

He apparently joked to friends that if cancer doesn't kill him, the chemotherapy surely would.

Then things get kind of dark.

He says that some days it would get so bad that he almost didn't want to go on.

But he knew he had to fight. For his wife, for God, and for other people. And so fight he did.

Our thoughts are with Alex Trebek during his ongoing battle.