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Walmart Is Switching Things Up This Easter With Cheez-Its And Mini Pop-Tarts Eggs

Holidays are all about the food, and not just any food—junk food. It's especially hard to resist right now when there are cute bunnies on all the packaging and they're all in fun egg shapes and such!

But, not everyone has a sweet tooth. I'll tell you what though—everyone has a Cheez-Its tooth.

Instagram | @foodiewiththebeasts

Instagrammer @foodiewiththebeasts spotted some giant alternative Easter eggs, like this one stuffed with Cheez-Its.

Parent company Frankfod is also selling another giant egg filled with mini Pop-Tarts Bites in their strawberry flavor.

Instagram | @foodiewiththebeasts

These are some great options to switch up tradition this Easter!

Another one that made it to The Gram is one filled with Rice Krispies Treats.

Instagram | @foodiewiththebeasts

These may not be your typical chocolate- or jelly bean-filled plastic eggs, but they sure are still classic treats!

Definitely look out for these on your next trip to the dub.

What are your Easter traditions?

Let us know!

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