The ‘Toilet Timer’ Promises To Get Your Man Off The Can

In a perfect world, we would all have our own personal bathrooms, and they would always be open and available at the moment nature calls.

But this isn't a perfect world, and sometimes you find yourself on the wrong side of a closed door, banging and hollering and doing your best to fight your bursting bladder while someone else takes their sweet time on the porcelain throne.

If this problem sounds super familiar, then I think I've just found the perfect product for you.

The 'Toilet Timer' is exactly what you need to speed up bathroom visits, especially when it's your man's turn to use the facilities.


This product puts serious pressure on visitors and only allows them five minutes to do their business and GTFO.

"The Toilet Timer is for the poo-crastinator taking their sweet time," the description reads. "This is a sand timer that runs for about five minutes. Help your loved one get back to the people they are trying to avoid."

The product comes in several different designs so you can pick which one will best suit the toilet hogger in your life.


There's even a Donald Trump version, because nothing will get someone off the toilet faster than looking at the sight of the POTUS perched on the can, even if it's just a silhouette.

Honestly, if the person you're trying to hurry out the bathroom is a man, then I doubt they'll take this timer too seriously.


But if nothing else, giving it to them as a gift just might offer them a serious reality check as to just how bad their toilet habits really are.

Even gag gifts can be pretty eye-opening.

Judging from the reviews, most men find the Toilet Timer to be super amusing to have in the bathroom with them.

"It made my time more enjoyable in the bathroom," one review reads. "I did have to restart it several times to get my game time in. The special touch of the gold pooper and great hair on this thing is amazing! I don’t know how I went so many years without one of these, my bathroom decor is finally complete!"

Each Toilet Timer retails for $14.99. You can snag one for yourself on Amazon.

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