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Lace-Inspired White Henna Tattoo Designs Are Here Just In Time For Spring

The traditional art of henna (aka mehndi) is over 5000 years old. Originally a paste used for cooling, it has since taken on decorative purposes.

These days, henna is very popular for weddings. Its temporary nature is appealing to brides, and now different color variations are blowing up Instagram.

SO, firstly: white henna isn't actually henna.

According to the site Gopi Henna, white henna isn't proper henna, because it doesn't stain the skin.

It's often just skin-safe acrylic body paint with a little bit of glitter in it.

Some of these looks are thanks to temporary flash tattoos.


Those are stick-on tattoos, aka flash tattoos. They're usually flat and definitely perfect-looking, and they definitely lack the handmade nature of regular henna. They also often come paired with colors that aren't natural, like gold.

This particular set came from voguetides.

But most are more traditional!

This stunning henna was done by @firdahenna_art on Instagram, who is available for booking!

This look was accented with gorgeous gold rhinestones and gold body paint. This would be an incredible wedding look!

This henna is so stunning!

You can see how it looks like lace here! On Instagram, @anggun.hennaart did this for a bride, and it's such a unique look. The gentle sprinkling of white dots almost makes it look like stars!

This henna has metallic effects!

Gopi Henna noted that glitter is often added to or sprinkled on top of white henna to give it a metallic look. It looks like they used iridescent glitter. I love it.

A lot of brides opt for matching nails.

The henna here is so gorgeous, and I love that it extends up the bride's arms! The bride also got iridescent rhinestone nails to match her henna, and they look perfect for her big day.

Try and tell me this doesn't look like actual lace.

Not only is the combination of white and gold absolutely stunning, it looks so much like lace that I actually thought these were gloves!

I love the gold beads surrounding that circle. It's such a great choice.

The flowers on this one are so beautiful.

The lace look was accented with big flowers that are so beautifully shaded. It takes a true artist to make flowers that intricate!

This henna was done by @verahennart on Instagram.

This photo looks exactly how summer feels.

I'm getting some major summer festival vibes from these designs. Trade in your flower crowns for some white henna tattoos instead!

While hands are a traditional placement for henna tattoos, you can put them anywhere.

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The possibilities are endless with this body art trend. Doesn't this design look like a delicate lace accent?

Pair a white henna design with a backless dress or top.

Instagram | @crown_mermaid

I'm getting major bridal vibes from this look. What about you?

A small design on your upper thigh is perfect for the warm weather.

Instagram | @crown_mermaid

This smaller design is somehow both subtle and striking.

And finally, the lace on this bride is out of control!

In a good way, for the record. This bride had her henna extended all the way up her index fingers and then wound up her middle finger. I love that she left room for her ring!

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