Makeup Artist With Parkinson's Launches Beauty Brand For People With Shaky Hands

When professional makeup artist Terri Bryant found out she had Parkinson's, she was concerned that her career could suffer.

Rather than give up, or continue to use tools that didn't work for her, she set out to actually create something that would work for her. Introducing: Guide Beauty.

Guide Beauty is for everyone.

Before Terri knew about her diagnosis, she was already thinking about how inaccessible basic makeup skills can be to regular people.

"Simply learning the steps to apply makeup doesn’t always translate into applying it with confidence," she wrote on Guide Beauty's website.

Her diagnosis gave her an even bigger reason to change how we apply makeup.

She began to struggle with the techniques that used to come naturally to her. Now faced with the same problem her clients had, she went back the drawing board and decided to redefine how we apply makeup.

Guide Beauty was her answer.

She realized she had to change the tools she used to suit her new needs. So she gathered together an award-winning design team and ergonomic experts to make makeup history.

Let's check out some of the products.

The brand's first products really cover the basics of makeup: brows, lashes, and liner.

There's the Guide Eyeliner Duo, the Lash Wrap, and the Brow Moment. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed for ease of use.

The Lash Wrap ($26) has a totally unique wand.

Guide Beauty

The mascara has the usual mascara things, like lengthening and lifting, but it's the applicator that really shines. It has what they call a "Guide Ring," which sits comfortably between two fingers and allows for you to get a good grip on your wand.

Here's the Wrap in action.

You can see how easy it is to steady your hand, thanks to that Ring.

The mascara is also a tubing mascara, meaning it builds up "tubes" on your lashes to lengthen them.

The Eyeliner Duo ($50) is totally unique.

It includes the Guide Wand and the Guide Line, which is a potted gel liner in classic black.

You can see from the shape of the Wand that it's totally different from any eyeliner you've used before. Don't worry, though — it's designed to be easy to use!

Here's how to use the Guide Wand.

Guide Beauty posted a simple tutorial showing off just how easy it is to use the Wand.

The width of the wand allows for you to make mistakes and still get the perfect wing.

The Brow Moment ($26) is an easy-to-use brow gel.

It fills, shapes, and sets your brows with ease.

The brow gel currently comes in three colors: light, medium, and dark. The formula is long-wearing, too, so you don't have to worry about your brows wearing off in the middle of the day!

Here's the Brow Moment in action:

It also features the Guide Ring for ease of application. The other side of the wand's grip is flat for your thumb to rest on.

You can define with the tip of the bristles and fill with the flatter part!

Most of the collection is available now.

The mascara and brow gel are currently available for purchase on Guide Beauty's website.

The liner will be available soon. You can follow Guide Beauty on Instagram to keep yourself updated on future releases!