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Drunk Uno Exists, So Start Planning Your Next Game Night

My family was never big on game nights, but I know many families and groups of friends were and still are. There's just nothing quite like wanting to strangle your sibling after they beat you in a 10-hour battle of Monopoly, right?

Not that games aren't already fun enough as they are, but everything's just a smidge more fun as a drinking game.

Many of us are drinking at game night anyway, so we might as well add alcohol to the fun of the game, right?

Etsy | ProjectBoujeeDesigns

That's the exact thinking of Etsy sellers like ProjectBoujeeDesigns.

They gave the classic card game UNO a boozy twist that includes taking shots for different scenarios.

Etsy | ProjectBoujeeDesigns

You can order a Regular Set for $20 that includes 4 shot glasses, an instructional sheet, a deck of cards, and a storage case.

If you have a larger game night crew, you can buy a Deluxe Set for $48 that includes 8 shot glasses, an instructional sheet, a deck of cards with 4 blank cards, and a storage case.

If you're bad at games or don't have the best luck, this could be dangerous. You might have to mix some water shots in there!

You'd also hope you're on the winner's good side so you're not given more shots...

Check out ProjectBoujeeDesigns' shop to order, and get ready to plan an epic game night!