People Are Sharing Their Hacks For Ikea's $3 Plastic Bag Holder To Maximize Storage

If you're a fan of Ikea, I bet you have some favorite items you usually get there. I do and it turns out a lot of other people do as well.

It's especially true of one item that everybody seems to genuinely love. I'm talking about the VARIERA plastic bag holder. This little product seems to be the one that's always being "hacked" by clever shoppers everywhere. See for yourself.

1. Wrapping Paper Storage


I've had such a hard time finding a way to store all of our tall wrapping paper rolls. I can't believe I haven't used this trick yet.

2. Cleaning Supplies


OMG, what? I can't believe the genius way somebody used their VARIERA plastic bag holder for their cleaning supplies. This is totally blowing my mind, people.

3. Aluminum Foil Storage

Life & Home At 2102

Similar to the wrapping paper, this little awesome holder is perfect for storing all your aluminum foil and other papers like these. That's so cool.

4. Plant Holder

Oh Kissa

OMG, is this fabulous or what? I can totally picture something like this hanging on my wall. You can even paint it a different color.

5. Umbrella Holder


How nifty is this set-up you can have right by your door? I think this is super handy. I can never find any of my umbrellas.

6. K-Cup Pods Organizer


Forget about keeping all those coffee K-Cup pods in a drawer or something. This is much more efficient and way easier to use. Ha, ha!

7. Veggie Holder


You really oughta store your root veggies like potatoes and onions in a way to ventilate them. So, this idea literally rocks here. No? I love it.

8. Cable Management Hack

Ikea Hackers

Nobody wants to see all the mess cables make on your desk, right? Well, now you can hide everything very neatly with this nifty trick.

9. Pet Adventures

Instagram | @littlefaithfarm

Oh my gosh, who knew this $3 plastic bag holder could have so many uses when it comes to our pets. This is absolutely the cutest thing.

10. Tsum Tsum Holder

Pinterest | Kim Dignan

Ha, ha, ha, I bet your kids would love it if you let them store their stuffed animals in this holder. This looks like fun.

11. Yoga Mat Storage


Wow, I had no idea I could just use the VARIERA plastic bag holder to store my yoga mats. Where has this been all my life?

12. Portable Cart


If you want to take your cleaning game up a notch why not follow this person's lead and set up a portable cleaning cart like this.

13. Vinyl Rolls Storage

Sweet Red Poppy

If you're a crafty person and are trying to figure out how to store all those shiny vinyl rolls you might really appreciate this pretty idea.

14. Kids' Play Weapons

Pinterest | Jen Leflar

Kids like to play with all kinds of oddly shaped toys like light sabers, swords and the like. This holder is absolutely perfect for them all.

15. Light Fixture

My Sister's Suitcase

If you can believe it somebody actually came up with a neat idea to make a fun light fixture out of their VARIERA plastic bag dispenser. Wowza!

16. Clothes Dispenser


You can find a fun way for your kids to clothe themselves when you set up a socks dispenser just like this one. Isn't this great?

17. Toilet Paper Holder

The Bargain Blonde

Oh wow, who knew you could use the VARIERA plastic bag dispenser as a pretty toilet paper holder? That is such an awesome use for it.

18. Hockey Sticks Storage


This person was so clever to set up two of these dispensers in a way that they could hold a bunch of hockey sticks.

19. Fitness Equipment


Looking to set up a cool corner to store all your fitness equipment? Well, look no further. How cool is this DIY station? I'm totally digging this.

20. Yarn Dispenser

Ikea Hackers

If you're someone who has a lot of yarn around, there's a clever way to organize it using the VARIERA plastic bag holder. Check this out.

21. Dyson Tools Holder


If I ever get myself a Dyson I really have to follow this person's lead. This is how they store all their Dyson tools. Nice!

22. Baseball Storage

Pinterest | Stacy Heaton

This is a fabulous idea for all those tennis enthusiasts who can't come up with a way to store all those tennis balls. This works.

Okay, this has convinced me.

Next time I'm at Ikea I gotta make sure I pick up at least a few of these VARIERA plastic bag holders. They're so versatile.