15+ Folks Who Have Funny Running Through Their Bones

Have you ever come across someone who completely lacks a sense of humor? It's horrifying.

Fortunately, most of us have at least a bit of a funny bone. The people in this list, though, take it up a notch.

Somehow, a pharmacist will decode this.

Reddit | DoodlingDaughter

Doctors and their terrible handwriting form one of the central mysteries of our existence. How did their writing get so bad? And how are pharmacists able to decipher it?

Nailed it.

Reddit | 10fletcher

This mom is showing off the art her kid drew of her ten years ago.

It isn't really about the art, though — it's about her pride in maintaining her youthful appearance over the course of a decade.

Technically correct.

Reddit | ThePseudoPiper

This is all fun and games until someone decides to touch the low voltage sign, gets horribly electrocuted, and sues this place out of existence.

Dad humor: Hispanic edition.

Reddit | StardustPrime

Dads will never pass up an opportunity to demonstrate their unique, semi-cringey sense of humor. When this guy saw the Frozen Hispanic sign, it was a certainty that he'd want a picture.

No doubt who he is.

Reddit | Emerducks

This photo from Halloween, way back in 1978, shows a boy in a homemade Curious George costume that lost its way.

At least it's better than Ralph Wiggum's Idaho outfit.

Care for a lift?

Reddit | sizertl

This guy was posing for some picturesque photos of him and his girlfriend on the beach at sunset.

A burly biker dude happened upon them and asked to be included.

Free trial.

Reddit | theantnest

We all know how this will go. The CD will give him antiviral protection for a month or so, then demand money, then make itself impossible to remove from his face.


Reddit | tachoknight

It's time for a rare example of astrophysicist humor. It's kind of an interesting way to look at things. And, of course, they just had to find a way to insult Pluto.

Best. Outfit. Ever.

Reddit | borrow_a_feeling

This pregnant mom loves The Simpsons and saw a great costuming opportunity.

I have a feeling her family is going to be finding yellow paint all over the house for years to come.

Must be a special occasion.

Reddit | rebelshirts

This guy is getting a vasectomy. It's a bit of a scary procedure for guys to consider, so he decided to add a little levity to the situation.

It seems like his doctor appreciated it.

Har har har.

Reddit | narcolepsyinc

"My kids came in and told me there was water coming from the laundry room," wrote the original poster. "They said it looked like it started at the washer. I rushed in to find this."

Really makes you think.

Reddit | cpt_bib

This is almost reassuring, until you consider the possibility that time travel will never be possible. Maybe the people of the year 3000 are frantically trying to warn us, but just don't have the means.

Emoji 101.

Reddit | TwirlyGuacamole

I know there are a million emojis out there, but it's important to know what they mean because, conservatively, about 95 percent of them have some sort of sexual meaning.

Math adds up.

Reddit | ShadowSlayer35

I like this sign a lot, but anyone who's expending that much effort on Monday and Tuesday is clearly a go-getter.

It's much better to cram all of your effort into the Thursday-Friday range.

How lovely.

Reddit | crazyg0od33

This woman is crocheting something that, from a distance, looks like a lovely gift. Then you look a little closer and realize this isn't your grandma's arts and crafts project.

Weird flex.

Reddit | Eknoom

Is it illegal to charge money for diamond rings at this place or something?

Like, these are rings, not drugs. You don't need to be cagey about what you're charging for.

He smells what the Rock is cooking.

Reddit | SarahSmilla

The Rock's aesthetic during his pro wrestling years in the late 90s...well, let's just say it hasn't aged well. Kevin Hart decided to put on a pint-sized impersonation of old-school Dwayne Johnson.

Just a few more days.

Reddit | malak_oz

A 17-year-old high school student put this retirement countdown thing on his desk. I kind of doubt this thing has enough batteries to last another 19,000 days.


Reddit | Ken_LolGamer

Is the point of jigsaw puzzles to fit pieces together, or is it to complete a picture? If you believe it's the latter, this person has hacked the whole paradigm.

Family photo.

Reddit | kamel_hump

This amazing photo is explained by the poster, who wrote, "Sent picture of my kids (left) to the wrong number and their (right) response was...."

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