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Oh Buoy! Cap'n Crunch And Aunt Jemima Are Releasing An Ocean Blue Maple Syrup

Remember Heinz's EZ Squits of the 2000s? It was a line of ketchup that came in a classic red, and wild purple and green colors. It was intriguing, yet stomach-churning. I mean, imagine dipping your fries in purple goop. It's like, you want to try it, but at the same time, your brain just can't process it.

Cap'n Crunch is teaming up with co-captain Aunt Jemima to release a similar condiment.

It was recently announced that Cap'n Crunch would be teaming up with pancake queen Aunt Jemima to create their very own Berrytastic Pancake Mix.

Instagram | @cereallife

It combines that classic flavor of Cap'n Crunch, whatever that is, with its Berry Crunch cereal to provide a different kind of breakfast experience.

And you certainly cannot eat pancakes without syrup!

Instagram | @snackgator

Naturally, Cap'n Crunch also had to make their very own pancake syrup to go along with the new breakfast item.

The dark blue syrup is simply just coloring, and doesn't change the flavor of that classic Aunt Jemima's syrup we all know and love.

Instagram | @snackgator

According to Instagrammer @snackgator, we should expect to see both products towards the end of the month.

Oh buoy!

This news all comes on the heels of IHOP releasing their very own line of three cereal-inspired pancakes, one dedicated to Cap'n Crunch's Berry Crunch cereal.

Instagram | @kittykat_love_96

Now you'll be able to enjoy it anytime at home!