15+ Times The Cringe Was Too Much To Take

People love reveling in cringe humor. Shows like The Office, I'm Alan Partridge, and Peep Show may make us feel like dunking our head in acid to escape the awkwardness, but we keep going back to them!

Well, for those of you who simply can't get enough punishment from those cringey TV shows, here are 15+ times that the cringe was too much to take.

Hello Darkness My Old Friend...

Reddit | [deleted]

I think I'd just have to walk off into the sunset... after letting her down first!

The Worst Pen Of All Time

Reddit | ckkohl

I don't want to believe that any teachers actually own one of these, but I know they probably do. I never knew a pen would be able to make me feel like I want to die.

"Seen in the parking lot of my job. Had the pleasure of meeting him in the lobby and I understand why the position is open."

Reddit | hamsammmich25

I wonder if anyone actually applied? My guess would be a resounding no.

"Gotta get that funeral shot for the gram."

Reddit | AngryItalian

I know that people grieve in different ways, but I don't understand why you would want to post a picture of your deceased mother online.

Just When You Thought That The World Couldn't Get Any Worse

Reddit | wrightentertainment

I don't know what it is about people talking/typing in this way that makes me want to peel off my skin and jump into a volcano. I am begging you all, please, please stop this trend!

Does She At Least Get Discounts?

Reddit | Irishyouwouldshutup

No matter how many potential free drinks you might get, it would never be worth doing this to your body.

Bowling Badass

Reddit | DiddyKongRacingTho

Look, terrible message aside, people need to stop writing things on t shirts that are this long. No one is reading anything this long on a t shirt.

"Found in my sleepy little town in Montana."

Reddit | garbonzobeanwillie

This has made the graffiti a hundred times worse. I don't know what they were hoping to achieve with this message?

"Let's bring the kids in to this..."

Reddit | kassinopious

Now that is perhaps the angriest note that I have ever read! Also, mattresses aren't cheap, so this is a bold move!

"Kevin, mom's favorite big boy."

Reddit | helpmestallin

Can you imagine asking your mom to take a photograph like this? I can't even look at this one directly, it hurts like the sun.

"Self cringe: The days when I thought red and red matched, aviators were cool, and a serious face made you look tough."

Reddit | Park0ur11

At least they can look back and laugh! I dread to think of some of the terrible photos there are somewhere of me as a teenager.

"'I saw the devil' lol."

Reddit | Slambam124

Yep, and the award for biggest douchebag on this list goes to... this absolute prat!

"Couple goals I guess?"

Reddit | aman_1706

People like this shouldn't be allowed on the internet. Can you do something about this please, Mark, you vacuous android man?!

"Theresa May misjudges the timing on the wave at the France-England match."

Reddit | RaboKarabek

What is truly spectacular is that you'd think looking at this that there is no way Britain could have a more embarrassing shambles of a Prime Minister than her, but look at us now!

"Garfield ruins the moment."

Reddit | EggDunk

Imagine if this happened on a Monday as well, this would have been the worst day of her life!

"Erdogan gifts Elon Musk a picture of himself."

Reddit | oguz279

You can see the thought process of "What in God's name am I meant to do with this?" plastered across Musk's face.

I guess your mileage might vary on this one, but my face keeps scrunching up whenever I look at it.

Reddit | Phil_Minutz

Most of the time, seeing doll parts arranged in weird places is more creepy than cringey, but in this case, it just makes me feel like a disappointed dad.

Sorry, is this supposed to be a good argument for not getting vaccinations?


If you're somehow inclined to make the argument that we don't need vaccines, maybe a disease that killed (at the very least) 20 million people shouldn't be the foundation for it.

This person does realize that people get vaccines because they don't want something like that to happen to them, right?

One of the most bizarre consequences of coronavirus panic has to be the trend to panic-buy toilet paper, and this just puts that nonsense in a weird perspective.

Reddit | taccardo

Apparently, it's not even happening because toilet paper is supposed to help in any way with the coronavirus. So it's even more baffling.

And while it's easy to understand the frustration when your neighbors go overboard and buy up all the toilet paper, this isn't how we deal with that.

Reddit | Hanwrong

Much to the dismay of their roommates, the person responsible for this also thought it was a good idea to flush these cut-up paper towels.

Fortunately, the roommates have since explained how badly that can mess up the plumbing and why it's just a bad idea in general.

I'll admit that this conversation reads like it may not have happened, but that might make it even cringier.

Reddit | YTFatGuyGaming

After all, if someone's going to lie about a funny conversation they had, why would they end it by getting themselves so thoroughly savaged by their own dad?

Sometimes, the clout isn't worth it.

This man apparently thought that a public drinking fountain would be the best place to wash his dog's butt.

Reddit | johns2000

I'm sure everyone who is now second-guessing every drink they now take from one of these really appreciates his consideration and totally hygienic behavior.

Although bad parking jobs are more annoying than cringey, there's a detail that makes this one particularly special.

Reddit | boop-boop-1

And yes, I suppose it's not impossible that someone else ran into that sign before this person double parked.

But the thought of them running into it before "correcting" what they did here makes this scene even sadder.

This horrifying sight puts every annoying neighbor I've ever had into perspective.

Reddit | zapbob

One of them may have gotten weirdly territorial about the property lines they dreamed up in their head, but at least they didn't decide to start their own landfill and crush my fence under its disgusting weight.

It's hard not to admit that the commenter's story makes a lot more sense than the original poster's.

Reddit | jeonyubi

While my most immediate reaction to this was to facepalm, I also can't help but wonder where this guy's mom was supposed to be a demon or a goon.

Also, what's this about a rubber hammer?

This guy apparently thought it was a good idea just to drop trou and pee in the middle of the road.

Reddit | modelotimefool

And believe me, I understand how desperate things can get when we have to go that badly, but there was a hedge right there, dude!

Not only that, but the uploader said there was an alley that he could've pulled into that would've also suited his needs. Does he just really hate this road?

For some reason, this guy is under the impression that it's a good idea to smoke eggs.

Reddit | Random-Barbarian

Yes, raw chicken eggs. Not only does that seem pretty dodgy from a food safety standpoint, but nothing about it seems like it would be even remotely enjoyable.

You better not have started an awful new trend here, ski mask guy!

I don't even want to imagine how this room smells.


I can understand how an addiction can get out of control, but how has the concept of an ashtray or a trash can eluded this person so hard?


I obviously have different priorities than this parent because I wouldn't be so proud of the fact that I essentially raised a bully.

Reddit | DoctorStrange2799

If we translated this from macho nonsense, it would probably say something like "My kid's teachers are really worried about their home life."

That first tweet is pretty obviously a troll, but something tells me the response is all too serious.

Reddit | InfxrnoReddit

Somebody please stop this person before they actually make a literally costly mistake.

And please, try to resist the temptation to call yourself the "money inspector" or whatever. I'm watching you.

Sometimes, it's not about cringing at somebody, but cringing *for* everybody.

Reddit | Myxolidian4days

At least, everyone who would have to very uncomfortably avert a stranger's gaze while they try to use this bathroom.

Hey, sometimes you have to go that badly.

99% of the time adults try to be down with the kids (and especially when they word it like that), the results are about this embarrassing.

Reddit | i-have-no-name-er

Unfortunately, what whoever put this up probably doesn't know is that any teens that see this are just going to giggle at the fact they wrote "cum."

Also, nobody says "libarbry." At least, not on purpose.

It's really sad that it took more than one reply for someone to finally talk some sense here.

Reddit | chaoticbiguy

Regardless of where you find yourself on the political spectrum, it's really important to take a step back and realize when you're being paranoid.

Although I'm cringing at this, I assure you it's the most sympathetic cringe possible.

Reddit | DarkKillaAce

It's easy for me to see how this happened, especially considered how late at night I tended to finish my assignments.

I'd totally have a sense of humor about this if I were the teacher, though.

When you're in a place with a lot of fragile food, it's probably best to check where you're trying to sit down.

Reddit | IAmAllOfTheSith

Anyone who only had squished bread to choose from apparently has this person to thank.

And we're totally thankful. Totally.

I think this might be the first time I've seen someone give up on their graffiti halfway through.

Reddit | mattsbeunhaas

I also love how they quickly realized their typo and vainly tried to fix it. Whatever they were going to say about coronavirus, they were obviously too embarrassed to continue.

"Selfie with Rihanna at the Superbowl."

Reddit | tmrqz

Just because you see a celebrity, that does not give you a right to invade their personal space!

"A restaurant known for their wings in NE Philadelphia. Pretty gross...."

Reddit | carpetbooth

I know that no fried chicken shops are exactly the pinnacle of hygiene, but this is something else! Get your damn shoe of there, you hair-dyed dolt!

"Mistaking a Vietnamese man for a child."


I mean, fair play to her for just trying to own it and laugh it off, but holy hell this would stay with me for the rest of my life!

"It looks like trashy leveled up to messy."

Reddit | StcStasi

It's always important to stay classy in life!

Which one of these images made you feel the most uncomfortable? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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