Madonna Cancels Show Following Onstage Injury Where She Burst Into Tears

Madonna's Madame X tour is certainly not going off without a hitch.

Recent reports have revealed that at her last show in Paris ended with her bursting into tears and canceling future dates.

Pop legend, Madonna, is having a rough go lately.

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In the last few months, she sustained a hip and knee injury, resulting in her having to use a cane for support.

Unfortunately, this has made some complications for her "Madame X" tour.

So far, she has had to cancel numerous dates because of her injuries, and by the looks of things, she's beginning to get frustrated.

The Sun reported that at Madonna's last show, in Paris at Le Grand, performing part of a 12-day residency at that venue, she may have pushed herself too far.

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While dancing to her song, “Polaroid”, she missed a chair and “struggled to stand”.

She then “burst into tears," and according to fans, she "couldn’t stop" crying.

After pulling herself together, she was able to finish the show — which was more than fans could ever ask for.

Fans took to Twitter to praise her for being so candid and managing to finish the show.

Definitely sounds like it was an emotional night for both her and everybody watching.

Following her show in Paris, Madonna took to Instagram to update fans on her progress.

"Here I Am — Flesh and Blood," she began.

"If only knees didn’t twist and cartilage didn’t tear and nothing hurt and tears never fell out of our eyes".

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"But alas they do and Thank God for this important reminder that we are human," she continued.

She went on to explain in more detail what exactly happened at her last show.

She recalled that the chair that she was supposed to have landed on was accidentally pulled out from under her.

"I Fell 2 nights ago on stage when a chair was literally pulled out from underneath me by mistake".

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"And I landed on the floor on my tail bone," she went on.

"I made it thru the show last night but just barely," she said.

She explained that she finished the show because she hates to let her fans down.

"Because I hate disappointing."

She then referred to herself as a "broken doll", summing up how she's been feeling lately.

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"However today even I can see that this broken doll held together with tape," she said.

"And glue, needs to stay in bed and rest for a few days".

She is hoping that with a little bit of R&R, she'll be back onstage in no time.

"So she can finish the tour with a smile on her face and in one piece."

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And hopefully, steer clear of any more injuries going forward!

"Thank You for your understanding Paris!," she concluded.

Sending Madonna lots of love and wishing her a very speedy recovery!