Walmart Is Selling An M&M's Minis Ice Cream Cake Loaded With Pieces Of The Candy

Can we just talk about the fact that ice cream cakes are extremely underrated? Regular cakes are unpredictable—they can be dry, crumbly, and the icing can be downright disrespectful.

But ice cream never lets people down.

That's what makes this M&M's Minis ice cream cake so beautiful.

Instagram | @snacksanta

I mean, it basically combines two greats in one.

It's a vanilla ice cream base packed with swirls of chocolate and M&M's minis pieces.


You might think, "Hey, how come they didn't make it with regular M&M's?"

Well, my friends, stuffing the cake with Minis ensures you'll get a mouthful of M&M's with each bite.

You can currently find it at Walmart for $12.97, but definitely call ahead to make sure it's there waiting for you.