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Fans Are Not Happy That Henry Cavill Could Be The Next Wolverine

Ever since Disney acquired the rights to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the rumor mill has been going crazy with the idea that the X-Men franchise might finally be joining the rest of their Marvel family, and the newest casting rumor is no different.

Henry Cavill is no stranger to superhero movies.

The actor played Superman in the DC films Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. He's also a hot commodity right now, since he's currently starring in Netflix's fantasy series The Witcher.

So when the rumors started swirling that Henry was being considered to play the iconic X Man Wolverine in the 'Captain Marvel' sequel, fans had a lot of opinions.


Some people have been calling the source of the rumor pretty sketchy, but that hasn't stopped people from chiming in with their opinion on who should take over for Hugh Jackman.

There were a lot of people who felt that Henry would not be the right choice.

Some people felt like Cavill would always be Superman and wouldn't be believable as the much gruffer, rougher Logan.

Others thought that Henry, at 6'3, is too tall for the part.

While Hugh Jackman clocks in at 6'2, in the comics, the character of Wolverine is incredibly short — he's only 5'3! Some people felt a shorter actor, like Daniel Radcliffe, could bring some accuracy to the character.

Some fans would be here for it if the casting was true.

While the naysayers were loud, there were some supporters in the Henry-as-Wolverine camp, with fans pointing out that the actor has "the perfect build" for the part.

What do you think?

Would Henry be a worthy successor for the part, or should the MCU go in a totally different direction for the eventual introduction of The X Men? Let us know in the comments!