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Florida Pastor Says Coronavirus Outbreak Will Stop If China Accepts Jesus

Forget medicine because one Florida pastor has figured out the best way to stop the coronavirus outbreak once and for all. And according to him, all China has to do is accept Jesus Christ as its lord and savior.

As God.Dailydot reported, Christian TV host and conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles recently revealed the breakthrough coronavirus cure which has apparently been right under our noses the entire time.

Before we really dig into his bold claim, let's take a look at who Pastor Wiles is and what he's known for saying.

Just this week, TruNews, Wiles' fundamentalist Christian YouTube channel, was permanently shutdown for violating the site’s terms against hate speech.

TruNews was notorious for posting anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, and homophobic videos.

After receiving numerous temporary bans from YouTube, it was finally permanently shutdown after its founder, Wiles, was filmed calling President Trump's impeachment a "Jew coup."

"That's the way the Jews work," Wiles explained in the video. "They are deceivers. They plot, they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda. This impeach Trump movement is a Jew coup."

Although TruNews has been banned from YouTube, it is still releasing podcasts and videos through its own website.

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This is how Wiles was able to post his latest video in which he lets China know that stopping the coronavirus in its tracks is as easy as accepting Jesus.

In the video, the pastor addresses Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China, and basically says the coronavirus is his fault.

“You have a plague, Mr. Xi Jinping," Wiles says. "You brought it on China. Now do the right thing and repent, and tell the Chinese people you are sorry, you made a mistake, you repent, and ask them to put up in their homes the painting of Jesus Christ."

"Watch what happens if you do it!" he continued. "The plague will stop!”

Wiles also called on Xi Jinping to do his duty and "lead China to Jesus."

As he implored,

“You, Mr. Xi, turn to Jesus. You give your heart to Jesus Christ. You repent of your sins. You believe on His name, and you lead China to the cross. Do it, Mr. Xi. Do it for your people. Don’t be a fool. Lead China to Jesus. Lead them to salvation. The plague will stop.”

The response to Wiles' bold claims has been largely critical.

"Well, yeah," this Twitter user wrote. "Everybody knows that Christians don't get sick. That's just science!"

Another quipped, "The virus checks baptism certificates first."

This isn't the first time this Florida pastor has taken a stab at explaining the coronavirus, either.

He previously claimed that the disease was a plague sent by God to purge the world of sin, and anyone who mocks God "better wise up because there is a Death Angel on the loose right now and you are going to get an attitude adjustment."

However, that claim was taken about as seriously as his belief that if the entire country of China turns to Jesus, we'll be rid of the coronavirus for good.

Wiles' claims about coronavirus echo statements he made about a previous outbreak.

Back in 2014, Wiles made some wild claims about Ebola, suggesting that it was part of the "end times."

"Now this Ebola epidemic can become a global pandemic, and that's another name for plague. It may be the great attitude adjustment that I believe is coming. Ebola could solve America's problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography, and abortion."

However, that claim was taken about as seriously as his belief that if the entire country of China turns to Jesus, we'll be rid of the coronavirus for good.

Not to mention that a couple of nations with large Christian populations, namely South Korea and Italy, have both seen considerable coronavirus activity, with more than 1,500 infections in Italy, and South Korea the second-hardest hit nation after China, with more than 4,000 cases so far.

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