11+ Workers Who Really Went Above And Beyond With Their Towel Folding Skills

If you've ever traveled to a faraway destination and stayed in a hotel you might have encountered some interesting "bath towel animals". These are cleverly folded towels that resemble various animals that hotel workers leave after they clean people's rooms.

I remember the first time I saw one of these creatures and how fabulous I thought it was. Well, turns out other people have also admired them. Ha, ha!

I've never seen a bath towel animal looking quite like this before.

Looks like this hotel worker has a great sense of humor. LOL!

Talk about having a fun and restful vacation here.

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These little guys are taking advantage of the hotel guests being out and using their room in the best way. Hee, hee.

How would you feel if you came back to your room from just being on the Nile river and found a crocodile sitting on your bed?

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I think it's fitting.

Oh my gosh, what's happening here?

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Is this guy exercising or just hanging out? LOL!

I think I'm starting to see a trend here.

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It turns out there are more of these "monkeys" hanging in many other people's rooms, too. Wow, that's some kind of skill.

They say an elephant never forgets, but I think it's the people in this room that will never forget sweet surprises like these.

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This is absolutely lovely indeed.

Speaking of sweet gestures, how do you like this beautiful couple?

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I would love to find this when I go on my honeymoon. That would be so lovely to see.

Looks like somebody is enjoying their stay in this person's room.

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I wonder what he was up to before they found him chilling like this on their bed. LOL!

I dunno about you but I find something so soothing in this picture.

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Maybe it's just the lighting that set the mood, or just how relaxed this little guy looks.

This person ended up with not just one awesome surprise, but all of these amazing masterpieces.

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In fact, she had one for every day of her holiday. Wow, nice!

This person discovered this guy wearing their shoes and holding her goddaughter’s school bear.

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This is so cute!

Is this not the cutest little penguin you've ever seen?

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I would totally just grab him and take him home with me. I hope they don't charge for towels there.

Just when I thought these towel creatures couldn't get any better, I discovered this little lobster friend.

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I really gotta know, how do they come up with these ideas?

Chilling out and relaxing.

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This towel creature looks like it's the one on vacation here. LOL!

So, I thought the "bath towel animals" I've encountered on my trips were quite fancy.

Now I see these hotel workers have taken things up a notch. That's so impressive.