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Costco Is Selling Microwavable Cups Of Panera's Mac & Cheese So You Can Enjoy It Anytime

Mac and cheese is truly the ultimate comfort food. Its carby, cheesy goodness is super warming to the belly, heart, mind, and soul. Eating a big ole bowl of mac and cheese is basically like receiving a giant hug.

Some mac and cheeses are superior to others, and Panera's is one of those.

Panera's Mac & Cheese is a classic in its own right.

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No, it's not a classic creamy cheddar cheese flavor, but it is comprised of pasta shells doused in a hearty helping of white cheddar cheese sauce.

White cheddar mac and cheese lovers know that theirs is chef's kiss.

Now you don't have to make a trip to Panera every day in different disguises to get your mac and cheese fix.

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Costco is selling packs of four 10-ounce microwavable cups of it.

These are perfect lunches and dinners for work, or an easy meal when you get home and don't feel like cooking, which happens far too often for me to admit.

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The pack is $9.99, which is about the same price as one bowl of it at the restaurant.

Sometimes, restaurant grocery store food isn't at all like the real thing, but you really can't mess up mac and cheese.

Panera At-Home Mac & Cheese? We love to see it!

Find it nationwide starting May 25, 2020, or call your local Costco to see if it's already there!

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