Cute Renovated Camper Is The Next Best Thing To Sleeping Under The Stars

Love camping, but tired of tents? Wishing for an outdoor experience with a little less dirt involved?

Yeah, you need a camper. The new frontier of camping is renovated campers, and you have to see them to believe them.

This? This is a camper.


Doesn't it look like a high-end trailer, or renovated van?

Mason and Shanna's "Skamper" is a huge hit on Outdoorsy, where they rent out their Arizona-based camper for a minimum of two nights.

The camper is a renovated 2001 Jayco Qwest trailer.


It features pop-up sides to really expand the living space, as well as mesh siding to keep the bugs out.

Basically, it's glamping, and you know what? It looks fun as hell.

Sleeping in it seems other-wordly.


The bed is located in one of the pop-up sections. Can you imagine laying there at night and just taking in nature around you, safe in the knowledge that mosquitos can't get you? Ugh, the dream.

There's also a small living space.


Mason and Shanna outfitted it with a small seating area, a pop-up table, and a cabinet for all your storage needs. What more could you want from a tiny glamper?

This is the second camper they've remodelled.


"We first started Rving 3 years ago when we got our first pop up camper. We completely gutted the entire camper and make it personal, just for us! Now, we got a new camper and this time we decided to make it just for you! Hope you enjoy!" they said in their bio.

They say the camper actually sleeps six people.


That's thanks to the two beds that take up both areas of the pop-out component of the camper. With a little ingenuity and some small friends or kids, you could totally get 6 people in there.

There's another memory foam mattress in there, too!

Cooking isn't hard there, either.


Mason and Shanna decided to add as much usability as possible to the camper. That includes a propane stove, a sink, a kettle, and all of the dishware you'll need!

And no, you don't have to go without your electronics.


They included 4 USB outlets inside! There's no need to worry that your phone's battery will die before you're done taking a million pictures of the nature around you (or selfies, no judgement).

The camper is powered by a solar panel on the roof!

So, what are you waiting for?


If you're in Arizona, hit up their Outdoorsy listing and see when you can have your own adventure in Mason and Shanna's fantastic glamper.

This kind of makes me want to go camping. Anyone else?

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