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Embrace The Dark Side Of Summer Grilling With The Vader Burner

Do you ever feel like your summer BBQ game is a little off? Maybe you over cook your meals, or maybe you add too much mesquite to your coals.

It sounds like you could use some inspiration.

There's a fine art to grilling.

Temperature and stacking your coals the right way are key, say the experts at London's The Ginger Pig.

"Once your coals are burning white, stack more up on one side and have a very thin spread on the other," they told Esquire.

But don't discount the importance of good equipment.

If you're one who likes the added flavour of some smoke on your meat, then a good charcoal grill is definitely going to be your appliance of choice.

And going to the dark side, always comes with deliciously wicked perks.

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If you're really looking to up your grilling game this summer, order one of these Vader Burner grills.

It does double duty as a grill and wood burner.

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So, whether you're looking to cook up some deliciously evil meats or you just want to warm your dark heart, this grill will make the perfect addition to your garden.

You'll want to order it now.

Each grill is handmade and takes four to six weeks to produce, which means you should order it now if you want it in time for spring's first rounds of barbecues and garden parties.

It's also quite pricey — $970 to be exact. But what's a mere grand when it comes to paying homage to the dark BBQ gods?

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