Mom Writes Hilarious Passive-Aggressive Notes On Her Kids' Lunch Bags

Mom life can be tough sometimes. Who are we kidding here? It's always tough. So it's understandable that moms need to vent too.

This mom was having a rough morning one day so instead of freaking out on her kids she channeled her energy in a different way. She wrote a passive-aggressive message on her kid's lunch bag that was both on point and hilarious and the rest is history.

It all started with one note Whitney Cicero of "The New Stepford" blog wrote on one of her kid's lunch bags.

It was her way of getting some stress relief.

The joke was not only funny to her, but as it turns out, even her 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son appreciated it.

So she started writing more and more.

Then, Whitney's daughter actually convinced her to start posting the pictures of the bags on Instagram for everyone to see.

Little did she know the response would be quite overwhelming.

I think fellow parents especially enjoy the real messages on the bags.

They address many aspects of tween and teen life most parents grapple with every day.

Things like Fortnite addiction, dealing with retainers, and other nasty hygiene issues are just a few of the topics covered.

The messages range from loving to snarky in their own special way.

Since posting the pictures on Instagram, they pretty much went viral.

Now Whitney gets plenty of messages from fellow parents who want her to make bags for them as well.

So she's now selling these bags at $10 for a 10-pack through her Facebook page and her blog.

And I bet all the parents are delighted to use them.

Whitney can even personalize the bags for your family.

All you need to do is give her some details about them and she can come up with something cool.

I gotta say, that's one creative mom.

I'm surprised she is able to find the time to do these for other people's kids as well. But, good on her!

Whitney believes that it's important to add humor to your kids' lives.

She's also very open about discussing all sorts of topics from sex, drugs, politics, and their bodies.

She uses humor to segway into other meaningful conversations with her kids and she believes nothing should be a taboo subject in her household.

That sounds good to me.

We all know how awkward it can get to have a serious conversation with a child about something important.

So humor can definitely break the ice.

I think it's important for kids to feel like they have a parent they can go to and talk about anything going on in their life — even if it's embarrassing.

Trust is the first step to communication.

So what do you think about this lunch bag idea?

Is this something your kids would appreciate? I think using humor to relate to your kids is a great solution.