Hilarious Vintage-Inspired Cards Aren't Afraid To Serve Up The Sass

I can't be the only one who gets a little frustrated with how wholesome greeting cards are these days.

I don't need words like "cherish" and "treasure" on my cards. I need some snarkiness and sass to really say how I'm feeling. Thankfully, this Etsy shop has us covered.

BadBettyGreetingCo on Etsy has a line of greeting cards that says what we're all thinking.

Etsy | BadBettyGreetingCo

These vintage-inspired greetings are designed for all the milestones you typically buy cards for — birthdays, weddings, baby showers — but they come with a big side of snarkiness.

Take, for example, this get-well card that reminds you of how things could be much, much worse.

Here's a baby shower card that might make an expecting mom laugh so hard that she goes into labor.

Etsy | BadBettyGreetingCo

Warning, she might also cry (because pregnancy horomones be like that), so just be prepared for both outcomes.

This potty-mouthed card is perfect for your BFF.

Etsy | BadBettyGreetingCo

Note that the card is only censored for the purposes of this article, but I'll let your imagination fill in what it says.

And, here's a card for that newlywed couple that's obnoxiously in love.

Etsy | BadBettyGreetingCo

The cards retail for $5 each, but you get a discount when you buy multiple cards. Be sure to check out all these hilarious designs, and stock up on these sassy cards at BadBettyGreetingCo