People Are Making Jell-O Shot 'Cakes' To Really Get The Party Started

What's a Jell-O shot cake, you ask? Oh man, I am so excited to tell you:

It's a cake made of Jell-O shots.

No, now hang on — you have to see these, because they look nothing like they sound. Let's check them out together, shall we?

Okay, so.

Love My Dress

This is a Jell-O shot wedding cake. It's not as ugly as you thought it would be, is it? In fact... okay, let's just say it: it's kinda cool.

This Jell-O cake was made with Prosecco and Cherry flavors, which sounds delicious.

Of course, some are exactly as you probably pictured them.


It seems the key to most Jell-O shot cakes is to keep your chosen alcohol cold af. Tina_colada_81 on CookPad posted her simple recipe for her rainbow cake, and... I mean, it kinda looks super good.

These ones actually taste like funfetti.

The Spruce Eats

I'm into it. To achieve this play on Jell-O shot cake, you need some flavored vodka in the Whipped Cream, Birthday Cake, or Vanilla flavored arena.

Check out the whole recipe on The Spruce Eats.

The agreed upon rule with these cakes is that you need milk or yogurt.


The milk is usually condensed, by the way. The white from the milk and yogurt help give the cake that pastel look, and gives it a little bit more structure.

It takes a WHILE to make, too.

Offbeat Home

Ariel at Offbeat Home said that it took her over six hours to make the first time she tried it. However, with help from a friend, the whole process went a lot faster. So bring help!

Some people nail it harder than others.

Reddit | u/Justakiss15

Oh my god.

"I tried to make this Jello Shot Cake that I found online for my 21st birthday..." Justakiss15 shared on Reddit.

The commenters concluded that too much vodka was added. I concluded that it would still be a good time.

Some people choose to use the shot as more of a garnish.

These cheesecake cupcakes have a Jell-O shot topper. That way you get to eat _real,. carb-filled cake, then chase it with some alcoholic Jell-O. Best of both worlrds.

And some are...well, this.

Merry Brides

Would I have this in place of a cake at my wedding? No. Did this couple clearly have it because it worked for them, and that's all that matters? Yes.

The icing on top though... oh man.

There's a big upside to Jell-O shot cakes.

Flickr | Dave Boutcher

Actually, there's a few. One: way less mess. Two: totally customizable colors that look cool when backlit. And three: Your friends will super appreciate a cake that also gets them drunk.

So what do you think of this trend?

Flickr | Pinterest

Do you think these would take your upcoming celebrations to the next level?