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You Can Buy A Matching Friendship Tag And Necklace To Share With Your Pet

Pets are the best. They're there for literally anything and everything you go through. Whether you've had a bad day at work, are going through a bad breakup, or are feeling sick, they're always there so excited to see you and give you all the cuddles. They're the ultimate mood booster by just being themselves.

That's why there's no denying that pets are really our best pals.

Remember sharing friendship necklaces with your BFFs?

Any time I went into Limited Too I had to scope out the selection.

They were the perfect way to always remember your bestie and brag about them to others.

Now that we're older, people just get tattoos.

However great your human besties may be, there's no denying that pets really reign supreme.

Now you can share your love for them the same way you did with those necklaces from your youth.

We Link Tags is an online shop that sells the coolest shareable pet tags.

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The minimalist stainless steel design features everything anyone needs to know about your pet, like name, address, and phone number.

They're not simply functional pet tags, however.

The best part is that the graphic of your pet pops out so you can wear a piece of your pet with you at all times.

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This really is the ultimate shared BFF necklace.

This is the only thing you should be gifting everyone you know who has a pet.

We Link Tags has an array of dogs, cats, and even other animals to choose from.

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They have an array of big dogs, small dogs, cats, and even a horse and pig tag. So cute!

If you can't wait, head to Etsy where seller BuyMeAPresent is also making custom matching dog tag and necklace sets.

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They're around $40 for the pair.

What a great memento to remember your pet for forever!

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Now, to start compiling the long list of everyone I'm gifting these to...

Unfortunately, the tags seem to be sold out, but they do encourage you to check back later, so it must mean they have plans to restock!

We Link Tags

When they are stocked, each tag goes for $24.99.

Make sure you check out their website so you don't miss their return.

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